Sunday, June 22, 2008

sunny yellow on sunday

ahhh what a bright sunny sunday.and me and fizz state hopping to senawang to our kakak manis' wedding.he's kak mizz's BIG DAY!! =) she looked s0o yellow and of course prettyyy (pernah ke dia tak pretyy??:P) alhamdulillah it wasn't raining,in fact,it was bright sunny day with her bright yellow dress.cantekkkss !! ;) i couldnt stick aroun longer.*note that i tend to lepak till everyone is gone =D * but i wasn't feeling i didn't take much picture today.sorry.too tired from a 2km jog earlier in the morning.he he.but managed to take few pics with the pengantin and bakal pengantin ;) enough weddings for this month.1 week break then it's dey's tunang dei.then i am very very available on weekends!! weee heee~~ and i definitely can't wait this coming saturday.BBQ dei~!! the food in the menu semua sedap2.and i am not prepared with the stuffs yet.upsssiee!! dahla organizer.he he.will do so next week.anyways,enjoy the heading to bed now.have a good sleep peeps!besok kerja~~ ;p much love xx

selamat pengantin baru =)

heading home


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