Friday, June 13, 2008

remy oh remy~~

fewh!this week was a ok ;) altho i DID do something silly at work.imagine this,you have 300k of databases needed to be backup.then you forgot to restore it by overwriting the you will have a pile of 600k of the same dbase which is repeated!which is NOT supposed to be happening...but due to my stupidity (is there such words?:P) i had wasted running my system for six times in a row where each time is ran for 2hours total up..i had wasted 3 days of monitoring,blurry eyes and dry eyes of course,with the WRONG database for 6 times WITHOUT FAIL!!! wasteddddd~!!!yes..i can be THAT silly sometimes ;p but alhamdulillah..thanks to my collegue's pc.running with 2GB ram intel pentium 4 (i wish desktop could have 4GB ram.huh!sure pantas gilerr!!;p) so i managed to complete 8 cycle of the system running.WITHOUT any errors today,in just one day =D congratulations erin! ;) he i will have a great weekend dengan tenangnya..weeee~~

anyways,went to p ramlee the musical at istana budaya with nadz last tuesday.uberrrr funnn!!i was at work when nadz texted and called me to ask me to the teater.i was psyched!!!mestila nakkk.dah lama tak tengok live performance.especially theater!so after work straight balik rumah..semangat giler!luckily bos tade.weeheee~ so after maghrib meroket amek nadz and straight to culture castle.he he..the show started at 8.30pm and at 10pm they had a break for 20mins then it continued till 12 ;) start2 je show tu i dah tersengih.excited.serious tak jemu.the performers was supercool!they can act and they can REALLY sing too!i was entertained! i had a great time.but taleh amek gamba lebih2 nanti kena here are some shots from our nite.thanks nadz.till now tak henti2 cakap thanks sebab sukaa sangat.but guess what?? i am taking my parents for the prtm final show this sunday! for father's day gift.since my dad tak pernah pegi istana budaya so i think prtm is the best.(my dad is a HUGE fan of remy) PLUS!i am meeting SHILA at the istana budaya!! coz she's the one who bought the tickets for me.weee~!! she just got back from ireland for her summer holidays for THREE months!(no wonder i missed her so0 much.ada orang jauh nak balik rupanya ;) ) so yep! i am looking forward for the final show AND meeting shil too =) so peeps,enjoy the pics ..

sangat seronok.hepi.and puas hati ;) hope for the best on their last performance.wanna see atilia ;) ok peeps.hitting sack.nite2.have a nice weekend =)much love xx

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