Thursday, June 19, 2008

looking forward

i am s0oo looking forward to :

1.coming up BBQ potluck a.k.a gendang gendut time (truth or dare?)

2.count till 10 more days *weeeheee*

3.attend kak mizz's wedding.(wanna see her pweeetyy in songket ;) ) fizzy yummy mummy storyyy *ehem2*

5.jumpa dey on her tunang dei ;) nuwen in august!with loads of goodies and hot stories ;) azz in december!! (cepat balik!!sangat rinduuu!!)

8.jog like mad there's no tomorrow..

9.shed some pounds *badly!!* finger crossed! (>__<)

10.sleep and tak payah pegi keje every day *how i wish!*

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