Wednesday, June 11, 2008

happy birthday lil tigger <33

wowww!!there's s0o many things to update!! fyi,moi went to pramlee the musical with nadz last night!! it was uberrrr funn!!! despite the tiredness ;P but a HUGEEEEEE hugs and kisses to u nadz!! thankssss for the tix!! will update on that later.first,let me update on my weekends ;) it's lil tigger's birthday bash!!! remember that i went for present hunting for jid's wedding and lil tigger's birthday gift?well yeah.the bash was held last sunday (which explains early sleep and lack of rests!sheeeshh!) but anyways,being the party planner was fun!! i never organize a kid's party before =) seronokkk i tell u!! he

woke up at 9am,hoping that we could help up kak dee for some food preps.but turned and my sis prepare ourself with some food in the we were quite late to go and actually help out.but since kak dee said that they don't have any birthday me and sis headed to tesco (the only place i could think of) to buy some banners and meroket ke tesco then straight to kota damansara.sampai2 je kat kota.kerja menghias2 bermula.and tada..

venue : big bro's house in kota damansara

time : 1.30pm~

date : 08.06.08

the party was fun fun fun!! =D i had a great time laughing at lil ameer.because it's his first birthday where he DOES know what gifts he gets and all the ooh ahhs was s0oo cutee!!every present he opens he will go and start clapping his hands and said "wahhhhh!!" s0oo cutee!!! :P and then the last gift was from his dad.the whole car set which i don't know la how many cars he got on his birthday.he he.the funny part was the birthday boy was actually asleep when we wanted to cut the the parents went and woke him up.kesiannn..but when we put up the candles and gifts around the table..baru dia macam excited sikit ;) so one entry is down.another entry on p ramlee the musical before my next entry on kak mizz's wedding next sunday ;) nite2 peep.much love xxx

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