Saturday, June 07, 2008

congratulations jid+foy =) entries had reached 500!! and to celebrate it,let make an honor to jid's wedding! =) you're my lucky entry jiddon!! ;) anywaysss,i can't believe that jiddon is married already.cepatnye masa berlalu.rasanya last time she was still in soton and masih bercengkeram rama lagi masa tu ;p he he.but tulah..kalau dah jodoh..takkan ke mana..alhamdulillah..i am s0oo happy for both of them =) lets make it a short entry ;)

venue: dewan perdana felda

time : 8 pm ~

date : 06.06.08

we arrived at perdana felda,my mom,dad n ash.then after 5mins later nadz and sofie as usual..bila budak2 ssp dah duduk satu meja.dah lantaklah semua orang kan.nasib baik table kat belakang.fewh! ;p bukan kitorang taknak duduk diamm..tapi naturally akan gamat :P but kitorang behaved la skit that nite..sebab 'i' on the other hand tidak mendapat shot-shot gamba yang mantap.kalau tak i will definitely pegi depan stage and took the newly weds and the dais baeekk punya.but takpe! in the end i dapat juga ;) at first,when the newly weds arrived.there were flower girls and boys (anak buah jid yang 9 orang itu.exclude the newborn babies la kann..) kat depan the newlyweds.and 'iring' them into the hall.there were 'adults' flower girls too! (aida hazrina,madine,azar,mekna,natte,adzi,and i can't remember their names ) ;) jid looked soooo pretty!! and foy looked so stunning as ever la kann =) so let the pictures do the talking =)

so that's it.the pictures are as usual beyond the usual amount.but due to lack of adalah sedikit kuantiti yang diambil.(haishh how i wish i have dslr!! i want i want i want!!) coz i can bet u the quality of the picture is much much better.but its long as i got nice and decent pictures ;) i'm all happy.he okei entry will be lil tigger's birthday bash which was uberrr fun!! and kak mizz's coming wedding!! gosh! bulan ni sangat banyak weddings!but guess what?? lucky kak mizz's wedding is the penghabis for bulan nih.he wait for the coming entries okei ;) okei peeps.till then.tired as hell.hitting sack.nite2 much love xxx

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