Monday, May 12, 2008

what a monday!

today i woke up late.blissful.lil ameer woke me up.and i was taking my own sweet time.getting ready to work..had my breakfast.and head to the office.just on sv was not in 'yet'.maybe he went to the scb.yes! he he.and i was doing some revision on the previous task.suddenly the clock strikes 11am.and the drama begins...

mr sv called.asked me if i'm in scb.and i was like NO.i'm in the office.menggelabah.quickly drove my car to pekeliling.arrived.NO PARKING~~!! damned! drove off to lrt sentul.KONONNYE.and i realized..the route i took was somehow..a bit..different (?_?) makin lama makin jauh.makin lama makin pelik jalan tadi.and i realized~!! i can see batu caves from here?!! what the? i'm LOST!!but still keep it cool.but then realized..i might take the wrong route further.quickly called siti.and she said i need to turn back.fewh.glad i called to pekeliling again.find my own way to lrt sentul.clock's already 1245pm.damned!i'm late!!

glad to arrive in scb just on time to do the system running.went for lunch.and headed back to scb.went for solat.took the elevator alone.i was punching the floor of destination.i was almost there.suddenly..the lift went pitch black.ya Allah!my worse nightmare!! saya paling takut stucked in the lift + DARK CLOSED SPACE!!okei..try to cool myself down.think of the positive thoughts..but i can't even press the emergency button!body starts to tremble.gripping the lift handle damn tight! wishing it won't fall down.hoh!giler kalau lift jatuh serious jadi cerita speed 3!! suddenly i realized nobody seems to response to my emergency call.then i started to panick.pressed the emergency button banyak kali.almost gave up when a voice came out."kejap ye cik.." huh! lega~!! suddenly the lift started to move again.this time.i prayed that it won stop half way..when it goes 'TING!'..huh.bukak pun pintu lift..lega rasanya..

serious cuak.sesat lah.trapped in lift la.apekah?? i hope nothing worse after hu.gotta get back to work.i hope i could go back early today.parked at sentul.tak biasa.balik malam2 macam bahaya hu.till then..much love xx

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