Wednesday, May 14, 2008

say it again for me

harini kat scb lagi.had lunch with she's my lunchmate plak.but yesterday had lunch with lia at avenue K.which was okei la.but to get to klcc tu a bit malas.however,today's task completed early.even at 6pm my boss is still asking me to monitor that system.but guess what?? today i got a date with marie digby at OU la!so i decided to stayed back for another 30mins,then i ciao! he he..jangan bagi muka sangat kat sv.nanti dia suruh kita berkampung kat situ sampai pagi pun dia kisah ape, hu.but anyways,at 630pm i just can't sit still..macam kera kena as soon as the clock strikes 640pm.i cabut.rushed to the monorail and off to pekeliling.took my car.and sped off to ttdi.reached at 715pm.glad the jammed was not too long.balik2 terus maghrib.kelam kabut shower sekejap.solat and everything..745 off to OU.

we were late but marie digby was LATEST! we waited for almost an hour for her to come out.but when she's's worth it ;)

the stage

the crowd

the bodyguard

jay and roshan

me and my bodyguard

mari-yeahhhhh digby ;p

she's s0o pretty and sweet!

digby menjeling ke arah lil bro.he he..

tunjuk skills guitarnya..

digby lagi ;)

me makan eskrem sambil nak tunggu digby abes nyanyi.heee =D

sangatlah penat berdiri sambil melompat2 sebab tak nampak view dek orang2 yang tinggi melampai kat depan.i think everyone should sit while watching digby.for certain reasons like short people COULD NOT even get a view of digby.and all the pics were taken sangatlah 6-7rows from front.but thanks to lil bro sebab dia sangat tinggi melampai.he he.after almost 2hours standing with bau hangit ketiak sape ntah.decide to get an ice cream and get back to digby for an autograph.but when we were was s0oo fudging crowded.and actually,i managed to get to the front line!can you believe it.but sedar2 macam takde kertas,or poster or even cd to mintak her,i was too tired to 'berasak2' among decided to head home and watch gossip girls.much better ;) ok peeps.have a good night sleep. much love XOXO

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