Sunday, May 25, 2008

i'm back and alive

hey back and tired as hell~!! bruises everywhere.pinggang sakit.shopped veggies till i drop!!imagine 17 types of veggies for a price of rm10.madness!and right now i am s0oo tired and i need to get a good lie down.just a sneak peek of my trip.mount hiking at mount irau.2.144km high..and the journey to highest peak was 8-9hours!mossy forest,muddy soils and raining!madness? u tell me..but the view of the one and only mossy forest in malaysia which looked like this

breathless (yes,tidak bernafas sebab kekurang oksigen,tenaga dan kudrat.sebab terlalu penat =p) and beyond speechless.hanya mata ini yang mampu melihat keindahan yang Maha Esa. ;) will update more..gotta crash bed now.esok keje.dayme.and saya kena tag dengan dey LAGI!he he.will do so soon.take care peeps.nite xx much love

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