Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day

dear all moms in the world.happy mother's day =) but first of all,i would like to thank my mom for being the loveliest mom on earth.for being there for me..for listening to my crap babbling about nothing but crap..he he..for 'tahan' my gedikness MOST of the time.heee..just certain ppl know how gedik i am =p and for always worrying about me everytime i'm not around..(asek call,sms tatkala aku berlepak berfoya2 bersama kawan2.he he..) at least i know she cares ;p and most of all,for being world greatest birth to me and letting me see the world.thanks for your undivided love to all of u mummyy~!!

and this year.i have three mummy's in my house.he mom,my sis and my sis in law ;) happy mother's day to all of them too!! love you guys always!! may Allah bless all of my dearie moms ;)

gonna hit the sack now ;p sleepy and tired.oh!! i just chatted with azz!! miss her s0oo much laaaa!! cepatlaa december!! okeila..before i go..i'll leave u with one last pic of my superhero ;) ..

till then..nite peeps~!! much love xx

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