Monday, May 19, 2008

happy birthday syahida abdullah !=)

jiddo to da izzo..happy birthday babe~!! may Allah bless you always..and boleh bagi sikit tak voucher yang foy menang tu?he he he..hope you will have a great bash dear ;)

anyways,i am s0oo tired today.woke up from 9 until nowww...went to kak anem's wedding which was seronotttt~!!! here are the photo's uploaded at facebook : kak anem+amoeba's wedding sorry tak sempat nak blog about the ceremony yet.tooo tired right now.balik from her wedding sempat tertido dalam train.heee =D sangat penat.but thanks to kak siti to send me to lrt.kalau tak kena balik jalan kaki.he he..sampai umah terus shower and terus to nadz's house lepak minum with kaem.and then went to pasar malam to buy dinner and sent kaem to the lrt.sorry kaem..sempat jumpa sekejap je..heee =D next time ko datang la lagi dengan ride baru mu itu ;)

ok peeps..gonna hit the sack.esok nak hike ngan nadz! weee~!! nite2 peeps.much love xxx

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