Sunday, May 04, 2008

10 minutes to change my world! wooottt~!!

morning morning.sunshine's shinning.and the earth is moving.heeee =D i sounded s0oo chirpy kan?lol.this morning i was awaken by mom at 5.30am."this is your mother..helooo??" (haha.quoting phat fabes and ben ;p) she asked me to sleep in her room since she's going to the mosque with dad for subuh prayer.i was sleeping with the lights on last night.having bed dreams and seeing that whenever i close my eyes.but end up sleeping at i-don't-know what time.too tired to think or bother about i slept at mom's at 530 and continue sleeping in my room again after the subuh prayer.squinting my eyes at the wall.hoping the clock is not 7.30am cause i hafta wake up my arse to go for a jog.damn~it was already 745!!huh!memang malasss gilerr nak bangun.but paksakan diri jugak!hoh!

once at the park..i started to jog like mad!! done 4 rounds of jogs and 2 rounds of brisk walks..and i am all sweating and loving every drop of it.ha ha!had warm soya after the jog and drove back home.reached home and suddenly i remembered u know uniqlo? i first met this brand when i was in's like PADINI in malaysia kut.he he.why i suddenly remembered uniqlo? because i went to bijou bazaar last week (remember?) and i was talking to canaz and told her i love her cardigan.and she was like "oh.beli kat uniqlo je" and i was like "omg~!! natsukashi gilerrr pleasee.." *natsukashi means something like old memories good or bad that u reminiscent of* so i terus cari website uniqlo japan.and voila~!! i was stucked for one hour here now!! :P it reminds me of the clothes i bought there..the price are damn cheap!! like if kat sana ¥1500 kira cam rm15 kat sana laa..but actually its aroun rm45~48 sini.which is still cool la kann ;) so i had stripes pants,clothes,sleeveless back then.and one cool denim long trench coat ;) which i still adores till now..

seluar ini paling banyak berjasa!! and its damnnnnn syiookkk to pakai ;)

this sleeveless u can use both one side is stripes and the other side is small polkadots :)

ignore the mirror.sedikit kesan bedak dan sebagainye.he that was my collections.ada lagi but tak larat nak letak semua.he he.buttt what caught my eyes are the printed T's at the uniqlo website!! here are the must must have tees!! i am so gonna ask nuren to buy for me.boleh kan,chunkie? he he ;) give me 10 minutes to save the world (of my own la kann.. :P ) then i have to continue my work.haihhh..

i love this one the most

huh! serious rambang mata!!banyakk gilerr yang cuns2 tak larat nak letak semua.tu baru printed T belum lagi onepiece and knit~!! mak aihhh terasa cam nak soh uniqlo datang mesia je!!!! ngeeeeeee =D

brown color.(i think this is like canaz's )

blue color knit a thin knitting type.very comfy..

purple macam cun.tapi a bit neon type don't u think? ;p

cuteeee onepiece i wanttt!!

this one also cutee!! tapi i kena pakai longsleeve la kat hu.

so okei then.enough of online window shopping.serious membazir masa is my master ;p gotta run now.need to complete my work before encik bos balik esok from taiwan.have a nice weekend..much love xx

p/s:lately rasa cam nak blog pasal baju je.bulan ni kopak shopping baju terlebih2 banyaknye ;p so blogging la menyedapkan hati sikit.he he..

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