Sunday, April 27, 2008

woww!! bijounye..

i had the best day ever!!!(for this month la) i reallyyy really need this.i woke up as early as usual.weekend jog a.k.a walk coz i hafta bring my nephew along.and he is superrrr adorable.i just love when he calls my name.melt!!!!so after the jog and breakfast.i msned lia and asked her if she wanted to join me to nikki's boutique and klutzie's garage sale.and she said yes,lets crash the place since it's just in mom was s0oo keened to see the garage sale that she even tagged along.and since it's near canaz's i knocked on her door and drag her along too =D but bummer us,ingatkan garage sale macam best.sebab cara promote macam best kann..but there's nothing much that caught our we decided to head home.buttttt...i suddenly remembered that a friend of mine, old friend when i was in standard 5~6..invited me to bijou bazaar @jeumpa d'ramo, we decided to crash the place instead.

it was MUCCCHHHH worth it!!thanks zack!!u really made my day!! we went straight from nikki's place to bijou bazaar.and the road to bangsar was bijouuuu!!hahah.yeah that was the term i used when i saw the cars up the bangsar was like everyone's heading to bijou bazaar ;p but of coursela no,kan..he we arrived at 12pm and the place was not yet packed so we started to rumage thru the clothes.and i went to zack's shop and bought 3 clothes!!! cepattt tangan i grabbed those clothes.i saw this cute green one piece and its just the right color!i loveee it! and i saw this white blouse a.k.a shirt or whatever u call it with small red flowers on it.and it's really cute..and i was like : heyy i don't have much red in my wardrobe..*haha.alasan* so i terus grabbed gak.butttt the reason i grabbed semua without doubt is because it was superrr aroun rm15~rm25!! worth it kan???so lia dah hilang entah kemana ntah.hehe.serious lawak.masing2 tadi takde semangat je masa at the previous garage sale.kat bijou bazaar ni serious.semangatttt gilerr.coz they have loadddsss of good choices and they even have live perfomances by koko kaina.she is good!!!! her voice is a bit like norah jones.except she plays guitar+ukulele.she is like the lady version of jack johnson!!serious best!anyways,i was like serious happpyyy gilerr to find cute tshirts and long sleeves coz bukan senang nak dapat baju i was like s0o pumped up!so after almost and hour kat situ..although still tak puas hati rasa cam banyak benda nak tengok..with vintage handbagsnye..cute dresses and cute peeptoes...memang i rambang mata..but i hafta rush home coz i have another date with my officemate,nunun and her boify.hehehe.siaran langsung terus menerus.telecast ;p so it was almost 2 and i was damnnn hungry!! we were thinking of going for a movie.but since we are all we had lunch @ santai.then guess what??

i berjaya pujuk nunun and her boify to go to bijou again!haha.second time in one day!! =p so meluncurla kami ke bangsar.and time tu memang orang dah ramaiiii and its damn hotttt..nasib baik ada aircond and time tu koko kaina was playing her!!memang captivated by her voice.serious ada style!so sambil telinga ni sedap mendengar lagu.i bought another 3 babytees!!haha.crazy kan??so altogether dah 6 helai dah!!omg~!! i was like shopping frenzyyy..(dalam otak duk pikir.sah2 tak sempat tengok movie =p i dun mind pun.haha!) so lepak punya lepak.nunun bought 3 shirts or was it tshirts..i wasnt sure but still!!haha.i telah berjaya memujuk kawan2 untuk memajukan bisnes zakiah.hehehe.seriously berbaloi la the clothes.because it's still new.ada yang first hand ada yang second hand.but still in good then after feeling tired due to the hot weather and cubaan untuk berasak2 dicelah2 crowd itu.we decided to head for a movie.hoping still sempat.coz it was 430pm by then.ingat nak tengok cite eva longoria "over her dead body" but the show was too late and i don't want my mom go and bising saying "keluar siang balik malam" ;p so we decided to watch congkak instead ;p it was scarrryy okeii..although i memang tak pernah la nak tengok cite melayu kat wayang kann..except PHSM and MUHSIN =p but serious i tutup telinga je masa tengok cite ni.sebab sound effect dia lebih2.but still!! it WAS scarry.but the ending was a bit "out" but overall it was okei.coz it managed to scare the shit out of me.even my friend's boify went like closing his eyes MOST of the i was sitting next to this pengkid and she was like making this funny remarks (sebab she was s0o scared!!) at every scene and we ( me and officemate) can't stop lauging at them.serious lawak.*ye aa..kiranya derang ni mewakili pihak laki2 macho.tapi hampeh!=p *

overall it was okei ;) not bad ahmad dah penat menahan takut.menutup mata.menutup telinga.and cam every part yang seram cam sound effect terlebih2 so akan jadi heart attack agak was 630pm by then,i decided to head home.and seriousssslyyy..i am s00o tired.both shopping and movie.i rasa cam battery energizer harini.hehehe.but i'm too tired that i can't sleep..but takpela.i hope i could shut my eyes listening to current i-fell-in-love-song : sempurna by andra and backbone.sangatttt sedap suara mamat niii!! i love his song since i first listened to it in indon the other day.serious singers indon memang good quality la ;) so okei.damn tomorrow is sunday.i really need longer weekends! =( oh well.hope u had a nice weekend.crashing bed now.much love xx

p/s:will post on the items i bought in bijou sebab i baru basuh ;)

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