Sunday, April 13, 2008

it's sunday again..

am waiting for my exroom mate to arrive in picking her up later then we will be rocketing(pinjam ayat dey ;D )to the curve!haihh lama tak tengok movie.nak tunggu dak2 ofis.sangatlah banyak plan derang.ada je benda nak buat on weekends.but its ok.i had a great hangout too, was lela's along's wedding in nilai.sangatlahhhh penattt..coz it's hot and on the way back,it was raining heavily!! and even banjir!! thanks to jido.she had to drive all the way from ampang to nilai.kesian dia.but it was fun.when all of us were in the car.memang gossip tak hengat la kan..and that uber HOTT video was definitely yucky yucky!!ewww..memang lepas ni dah tak pandang kut si i** *e**** kat damas tu.sure i'll be looking at her dengan jijiknye.huhu.

but anyways,lela is superrrr thin!!i could call her lela adam@lela beckham now?ha ha.makcik ni sangatlah kurus and i think she can fit into dey's pants!!or ntah2 lagi longgar?? huh!and dey was the bridesmaid.uhhhh~!! he he he.the ceremony was HUGEEE and pretty silverrriee too!!i see silver everywhere.heee =D the food was yummy2 and i think we had too much meat that all of us went dizzy in the car.maybe we had meat-high.haha.but sedappp..seriously!!the masak lemak was the best! and the chocs was uber sweeetness la kann..(even fiza tried to sneak my choc.hmmphhh!) yeah..sempatla amek few pictures.which altogether aroun 75pics??hehe.banyak kann?? :P so yep.enjoy the pic ;)

syahida yang comel lagi baik hati =D

all of us

the newly weds

 friend is here now.gonna watch movie.have a nice weekends ;) much love xx

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