Friday, April 11, 2008


i curi gambar u ye azz.i love this pic! heee =D

to azzahraa annuar,

happy 24th birthday! i hope u like the unicorn and the card.sorry i can't help it but i love the color of the unicorn and the card.i pun ada unicorn jugak.kaler blue.hehe.comel kan? ;p anyways,thanks for being such a dear's been 11 years now and still counting =) talking to you is s0o much fun and of course very very meaningful.thanks for spending your easter with us and thanks for always being there for us.i thought of giving you a pink calculator but macam legally blonde la plak,nowadays semua kan guna notebook je ;p's always been nice to have u aroun,hanging out.dengar masalah semua.and of course,me,listening to YOUR masalah.hehe.definitely can't wait for december to come and kalau i taknak jadi usher u boleh?hehehe.kidding kidding.kalau jadi usher u,takyah fitting baju ke?hehehehe. ;p kang tak sama kaler ngan bakal P******* =D (ok.itu kita cerita bila u balik nanti)

anyways,May Allah bless you always and may u and amir last forever and may YOU have a great you babe! take care and HAVE FUN!! xx much love

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