Wednesday, April 02, 2008

give me 30 minutes of your time

wow!for the first time.i dunno what to write!i was like typing and typing.then i deleted.then i try to type again.but still just couldn't figure out what to write :P but anyways,just wanna share some thoughts.

i've always amused by people who can write simple words to tell their story.i had always been the type of person who likes to talk A LOT and oh well,u can tell from my writings.i write veryyyy long.ask lela.she was even asked by miss shal to tell me to put fullstop in my words in my essay ;p *that bad* hehe.anyways,that's me and my writings.but how about thoughts.have u ever think about your life like how u want it to be and how will you lead it towards your aims or goals?i just adore people who can actually sees what they want in their what kind of job they really want or what kind of car they wanna buy.what kind of husband or what kind of house and so on.but me.tell u what..i just can't see myself imagining those future fact i see myself only for the next day.but not the next next day.or even in 1 to 2 years time :P that bad kan?i know..

so i spoke to a dear senior of mine when i was in japan.he called me and we talked about work and life but mostly work la.dia macam tau je i have this issue about work lately.gosh!he knows me too well! :D so he was telling me on how i should see things forward not being stucked at one time and hoping for lucky clover to fell into ur lap? same thing occured lately when i was actually talking to a friend about getting a better job or so i wanna have a better thing to do besides doing whatever i'm doing right everything is s0o hard..but the THING is..i don't see myself in 'that' better job.meaning? i am s0o BLUR.maksudnya..i don't like to think about toooo many things like job la,gaji la,rumah la,kereta la,bills la,itu la,ini la..i don't like to think too much or being TOO ahead of my own time.because i am just afraid to face whatever awaits me..saya tak ready dan saya juga tak pasti kalau saya dah bersedia untuk sebab tu la my senpai told me..try to take 30minutes of MY LIFE everyday (as promised) to make a small changes..EVERY SINGLE DAY..and i hope you could too ;) bak kata senpai saya..tak semua orang gifted macam certain2 people ( not me of course..) where u can cepat pick up and do things smoothly..and the rest of their life fall into those people yang NOT LIKE 'that' kinda of people tu,kenalah usaha lebih sikit..betul tak?so why not take the 30minutes of yours and do the little changes kan? ;) think about it..

p/s: malam ni nak tido awal.tiba2 ada semangat nak ganbaru.nites! much love xx

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