Tuesday, April 08, 2008

feels like bloated meletoped

i'm always inspired by people.i just love reading my polaroid blog by jen.i just love her polaroids which is so simple yet full with its own story.she has really good polaroids and pictures too.and i also love her simply breakfast blog..makes me wanna have my breakfast everyday =) you know..all these simple things put a smile on your face everyday.lifted up your spirit and makes a small differences in your life.it's just a simple miracle,isn't it? =) speaking of pictures.i think i have t0ooo many pictures in my notebook.i really nead to buy a new external hard drive =D now i have a reason to go to low yatt!weehee~!! but i'm out of money~!! i spent rm300 for i-don't-know-what in within 5 days!!!crazy huh?i think i used it mostly for 'makan-makan' only!! huhuhu.lavish lavish me..(again out of topic) ;p oh and speaking of pictures..i think i'm gonna start new album for the best of my pictures collections ;) i think i have quite a lot of nice pics altho i'm not using DSLR okei..hehe..

today mr supervisor is not around,again.glad with HUGE G.hehe.i tend to do things at ease when he's not around.i prefer to do things at my own pace.just give me the datelines and i'll try to meet the ends ;) my mom told me once,if i'm continuing this attitude..i definitely need to work on my own.ha ha.bless u mama.she's right! but as for now,i don't mind being the 'kuli' for a while.i'm not the kind who can work on her own anyways.need some guidelines from the 'master' or 'sifu'.learning is fun but it can be really really BORINGGG..read this ---> BORING.he he.but to get what you want in live is harder,right?so i guess i'm fine with whatever it is ;) oh,here is muhammad eyman syafie muhammad faizal.welcome to the world munchkins.can't wait to see you to grow up just like si kenit.he he.now i have two kenits ;D ..i'm happy today.are you? =) take care..much love xx

p/s: today feels like my tummy is about to bloated.huhu.and i don't like when the F-name is mentioned.*udnir relig*

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