Friday, April 18, 2008


i'm so doing the same thing over and over again for the past 9 days.and is so00 pissed off knowing that it takes forever.i started to take coffee FREQUENTLY lately which is a bit bothering me.i started to be a coffaholic when i was in Japan.i starterd with Nescafe Santa Marta Cafe Au Lait and the next thing you's a 'kewajiban' for me to drink coffee EVERYDAY.and in Japan,the culture was a bit different compared to here.(i think so) because like for example,you went out to restaurant to have a meal or hangout for dinner or whatsoever..they will usually go to a coffee shop right after the meal.yep.i'm sure you're gonna ask,"tak kenyang ke?" well,they go there just for a drink or chat right so it's actually like having supper except for there's no food involving ;) so since then..although it's been 3 years now..and i kinda get used to the culture and i will go asking my friend to hangout at the coffeeshop after our meal =D but i've always been turned down by them oh i'm not sad la of course.i'm saying that i always get this "still kenyanglah.." hmmm funny them.maybe its not in the culture.heee =D

so that's when i started to drink coffee.but when i was there..i had no problem having coffee when i got back from japan..i started to feel s0o weird to have coffee over nasi lemak,roti canai or anything so that's when i suddenly had this severe gastric.where i started to vomit everytime i had nescafe and then i realized.i can't drink coffee anymore :( but i started to drink tea instead.note that i never drink caffeine nor theanine before, so it was quite a turnaround when i started to drink these.i had teh tarik for almost EVERYDAY now.for the past 3 years =) but nowww..i started to drink coffee again!!! well i definitely LOVEEE coffee..but i love my tummy moree..i'm afraid that by having coffee for almost everyday now..i will jeapordize my fragile tummy.i used to have blood coming out from my 'buangan' when i had too many spicy food.scarryy kann?but i'm being careful since was during the time i had been eating t0ooo many sambal belacan.VERYYY spicy one.kampung sytle my tummy jadi s0oo mengada2 and tak tahan.lucky me,at least my tummy let me know whenever i'm having too much chilli or too much i know when to stop..*period* hee =p

but work had been forcing me to be such a coffaholic..again!which i'm a bit concerned..buttt..saya suke~~~~!!!saya sudah taleh hidup tanpa coffee.cane ni?? kalau tak..kat office sure mata tableh bukak and i can't think straight!!am i THAT addicted again? ngeee =D

p/s : it's weekend!!! i am s0oo looking forward for weekends!!weeeeee~!!! xxx

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