Sunday, April 27, 2008

can a week have 8 days?

wowww cepatnya dah abes weeeee~ken ku~!! sobsob.harini hari berehat2an.i sempat siapkan wedding cd for my keje setahun lepas punya cerita.tak siap2 ;p she's coming in 2 weeks!!it's been a l0ooonggg time since i last saw her.she stayed in kelantan with her hubby and she's coming here since she's now 5months preggy!i was awaken by her MMS today!she sent me an MMS of her with her big tummy!my sister?!! mak buyung??hehehe.serious comel!!her face was glowing with happiness.and psttt..i heard that it's gonna be a girl.insyaAllah..soon i will be having my first niece!!noicee.. ;) anyways..talked to her on the phone and i realized that i really missed her..she's my one and only sister.she's my listener,my shoulder to cry on.and she's my banker!haha!but all in all..she's always here when we used to stay in a room together.we've been sharing the same room for the past 22 years! had our pillow talk and had our daily fights.i remembered sleeping on the floor okei!she's really garanggg!!hehe.damn,i miss those days.but now,i'm on my own.she's moving on with her life.and i'm now a career woman!!woww!! last time when she was aroun,i was this budak hingusan yang asyik kena marah dengan dia sebab malas nak tolong dia buat kerja rumah.well,guess who's doing the house chores now?? =p

takpe..she's coming in 2 weeks!! weeee~!! talking about weeeee-ness!tomorrow is already MONDAY!! what de??? and i hafta sleep early tonite coz i need to go down to scb monitor the system and wait for the IT person in scb to reformat the machine.damn!they should've done it years agooo when i'm not around.if not,i wouldn't have to come to this place and wasting my time while reading magazine which i've read for 4 times now!huh!anyways,i don't want to spoil the mood just yet.i'm trying to live with it.(i hope!) anyways...remember bijou bazaar yesterday? ;) i bought these =D

roxy stripes baby tee
mangone fly baby tee

piko longsleeves shirt

sugar jeans green one-piece 3 quarter tshirt.

cool kan? ;) i am s0oo gonna be bijou bazaar fan!can't wait for their next event.oh,i'm looking for a cool pendant remember? guess where i found one? my moms!! how cool is that.just the right color and cool too ;)

note : baju the strokes ini tidak dibeli di bijou koleksi sendiri ;)

ok peeps.that's all for this week.hafta crash bed now.i feel like i wanna be garfield.i hate mondays.and i loveee lasagna.hehe.till then.have a good rest peeps.besok isnin.dayme.. much love xx

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