Sunday, April 20, 2008


it's sunday again!!!cepatnyeee!! wope up at 10 and feeling s0ooo bermalas malasan to go to work.but i will go of course.but right now,i feel like blogging =p it seems like only weekends baru ada mood nak memblog and obviously i had a stressful week now,alhamdulillah..the error i had been facing was "okei le tu" *sila buat nada saida* lol.heeee =D turned out ada few things yang i tak perasan during the whole running process.siottt jee aku kena maki ngan bos kann?!! ;p so i was damnnn glad i found the error on i can go meroket to cj with kaem!which was lawakkk giler!!

as usual i woke up at 7 as the night before i was pengsan at 10pm!!awal gilerr aku tido.heee =p then went for a jog till 830 then jalan2 cari makan @village park.had nasi lemak and milo ais yang sedap tahap dewa tu.then rushed to taman megah to fetch wen liang as we were supposed to be inn office at 1030.*i was unfashionably late ;p * then arrived at the office at 11.15 and did my work as much as i can.sebab later at 1230 i was supposed to fetch kaem because we need to go to cj.the cj part was hillarious.we actually got lost but both of us play it cool je.i remembered kaem said "aku bab2 peta ni lemah sket" hehehehe.i don't mind pun kaem ;) dun wori.sama2 sesat saya tak kisah pun.nobody's to be blamed pun.we even went to this one dead end which we claimed that we're supposed to go straight.(kalau straight meaning..langgar tembok??:P ) but alhamdulillah.we DID arrive at abg pawang's crib.apartment d'melor in cyberjaya.the place was "okei le tu".the food was okei.not something you can remember of after one week. =p but it was ok.takdela tak sedap pun.okei2 je.and the choc cake of coz la sedap kan.secret recipe.but maybe we were too tired and sleeppy. *note kaem was awake from 2am because she had exam from 9-11am and i was tooo sleepy because i overslept and my brain was pretty much drained from the debugging* so yeah we were not really in the mood but it was as usual "okei le tu" at least i telah berjaya membawa myvi ku ke serdang!! *mexicanwave~!!* and also to cyberjaya and back to ttdi dengan selamatnye =D *another mexican wave* haha.yeahh i know..saya kan masih ROOKIE!!hehehe.

and i met kak farah and my dear imankun!!wahh rindu sama ini budak!! ;) dah besar and can speak malay okei (note that he was speaking japanese with me all the time cause he couldn't understand malay) but now..siap masa main panjat2 tu dia cakap "ahh!!tinggi sangat ni!tolong saya" hahaha.comel giler.masa kecik dulu bukan main lagi..kalau suruh "chu" aunty erin sure dia kiss nak suruh "chu" dah he "chu" kat pipi je.but he still remember me =) of coz!! i babysitted him when he was 3 to 4 years old.and that was when i learned to speak japanese ;) *not that fluentla.* but okei le tu =D don't compare me with kak mimi,canaz or dell oh! ;p

okei.i'm off to bed now.had a tiring day at the office today.went from 1pm till 7pm nak siapkan keje sebelum bos find out yang aku telah melengah2kan kerja dia.heee.. =D dengan ini beta menitahkan...beta mau beradu.oyasumi~~ have a good sleep.esok dah isnin.sigh~!! much love xx

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