Sunday, April 27, 2008

can a week have 8 days?

wowww cepatnya dah abes weeeee~ken ku~!! sobsob.harini hari berehat2an.i sempat siapkan wedding cd for my keje setahun lepas punya cerita.tak siap2 ;p she's coming in 2 weeks!!it's been a l0ooonggg time since i last saw her.she stayed in kelantan with her hubby and she's coming here since she's now 5months preggy!i was awaken by her MMS today!she sent me an MMS of her with her big tummy!my sister?!! mak buyung??hehehe.serious comel!!her face was glowing with happiness.and psttt..i heard that it's gonna be a girl.insyaAllah..soon i will be having my first niece!!noicee.. ;) anyways..talked to her on the phone and i realized that i really missed her..she's my one and only sister.she's my listener,my shoulder to cry on.and she's my banker!haha!but all in all..she's always here when we used to stay in a room together.we've been sharing the same room for the past 22 years! had our pillow talk and had our daily fights.i remembered sleeping on the floor okei!she's really garanggg!!hehe.damn,i miss those days.but now,i'm on my own.she's moving on with her life.and i'm now a career woman!!woww!! last time when she was aroun,i was this budak hingusan yang asyik kena marah dengan dia sebab malas nak tolong dia buat kerja rumah.well,guess who's doing the house chores now?? =p

takpe..she's coming in 2 weeks!! weeee~!! talking about weeeee-ness!tomorrow is already MONDAY!! what de??? and i hafta sleep early tonite coz i need to go down to scb monitor the system and wait for the IT person in scb to reformat the machine.damn!they should've done it years agooo when i'm not around.if not,i wouldn't have to come to this place and wasting my time while reading magazine which i've read for 4 times now!huh!anyways,i don't want to spoil the mood just yet.i'm trying to live with it.(i hope!) anyways...remember bijou bazaar yesterday? ;) i bought these =D

roxy stripes baby tee
mangone fly baby tee

piko longsleeves shirt

sugar jeans green one-piece 3 quarter tshirt.

cool kan? ;) i am s0oo gonna be bijou bazaar fan!can't wait for their next event.oh,i'm looking for a cool pendant remember? guess where i found one? my moms!! how cool is that.just the right color and cool too ;)

note : baju the strokes ini tidak dibeli di bijou koleksi sendiri ;)

ok peeps.that's all for this week.hafta crash bed now.i feel like i wanna be garfield.i hate mondays.and i loveee lasagna.hehe.till then.have a good rest peeps.besok isnin.dayme.. much love xx

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woww!! bijounye..

i had the best day ever!!!(for this month la) i reallyyy really need this.i woke up as early as usual.weekend jog a.k.a walk coz i hafta bring my nephew along.and he is superrrr adorable.i just love when he calls my name.melt!!!!so after the jog and breakfast.i msned lia and asked her if she wanted to join me to nikki's boutique and klutzie's garage sale.and she said yes,lets crash the place since it's just in mom was s0oo keened to see the garage sale that she even tagged along.and since it's near canaz's i knocked on her door and drag her along too =D but bummer us,ingatkan garage sale macam best.sebab cara promote macam best kann..but there's nothing much that caught our we decided to head home.buttttt...i suddenly remembered that a friend of mine, old friend when i was in standard 5~6..invited me to bijou bazaar @jeumpa d'ramo, we decided to crash the place instead.

it was MUCCCHHHH worth it!!thanks zack!!u really made my day!! we went straight from nikki's place to bijou bazaar.and the road to bangsar was bijouuuu!!hahah.yeah that was the term i used when i saw the cars up the bangsar was like everyone's heading to bijou bazaar ;p but of coursela no,kan..he we arrived at 12pm and the place was not yet packed so we started to rumage thru the clothes.and i went to zack's shop and bought 3 clothes!!! cepattt tangan i grabbed those clothes.i saw this cute green one piece and its just the right color!i loveee it! and i saw this white blouse a.k.a shirt or whatever u call it with small red flowers on it.and it's really cute..and i was like : heyy i don't have much red in my wardrobe..*haha.alasan* so i terus grabbed gak.butttt the reason i grabbed semua without doubt is because it was superrr aroun rm15~rm25!! worth it kan???so lia dah hilang entah kemana ntah.hehe.serious lawak.masing2 tadi takde semangat je masa at the previous garage sale.kat bijou bazaar ni serious.semangatttt gilerr.coz they have loadddsss of good choices and they even have live perfomances by koko kaina.she is good!!!! her voice is a bit like norah jones.except she plays guitar+ukulele.she is like the lady version of jack johnson!!serious best!anyways,i was like serious happpyyy gilerr to find cute tshirts and long sleeves coz bukan senang nak dapat baju i was like s0o pumped up!so after almost and hour kat situ..although still tak puas hati rasa cam banyak benda nak tengok..with vintage handbagsnye..cute dresses and cute peeptoes...memang i rambang mata..but i hafta rush home coz i have another date with my officemate,nunun and her boify.hehehe.siaran langsung terus menerus.telecast ;p so it was almost 2 and i was damnnn hungry!! we were thinking of going for a movie.but since we are all we had lunch @ santai.then guess what??

i berjaya pujuk nunun and her boify to go to bijou again!haha.second time in one day!! =p so meluncurla kami ke bangsar.and time tu memang orang dah ramaiiii and its damn hotttt..nasib baik ada aircond and time tu koko kaina was playing her!!memang captivated by her voice.serious ada style!so sambil telinga ni sedap mendengar lagu.i bought another 3 babytees!!haha.crazy kan??so altogether dah 6 helai dah!!omg~!! i was like shopping frenzyyy..(dalam otak duk pikir.sah2 tak sempat tengok movie =p i dun mind pun.haha!) so lepak punya lepak.nunun bought 3 shirts or was it tshirts..i wasnt sure but still!!haha.i telah berjaya memujuk kawan2 untuk memajukan bisnes zakiah.hehehe.seriously berbaloi la the clothes.because it's still new.ada yang first hand ada yang second hand.but still in good then after feeling tired due to the hot weather and cubaan untuk berasak2 dicelah2 crowd itu.we decided to head for a movie.hoping still sempat.coz it was 430pm by then.ingat nak tengok cite eva longoria "over her dead body" but the show was too late and i don't want my mom go and bising saying "keluar siang balik malam" ;p so we decided to watch congkak instead ;p it was scarrryy okeii..although i memang tak pernah la nak tengok cite melayu kat wayang kann..except PHSM and MUHSIN =p but serious i tutup telinga je masa tengok cite ni.sebab sound effect dia lebih2.but still!! it WAS scarry.but the ending was a bit "out" but overall it was okei.coz it managed to scare the shit out of me.even my friend's boify went like closing his eyes MOST of the i was sitting next to this pengkid and she was like making this funny remarks (sebab she was s0o scared!!) at every scene and we ( me and officemate) can't stop lauging at them.serious lawak.*ye aa..kiranya derang ni mewakili pihak laki2 macho.tapi hampeh!=p *

overall it was okei ;) not bad ahmad dah penat menahan takut.menutup mata.menutup telinga.and cam every part yang seram cam sound effect terlebih2 so akan jadi heart attack agak was 630pm by then,i decided to head home.and seriousssslyyy..i am s00o tired.both shopping and movie.i rasa cam battery energizer harini.hehehe.but i'm too tired that i can't sleep..but takpela.i hope i could shut my eyes listening to current i-fell-in-love-song : sempurna by andra and backbone.sangatttt sedap suara mamat niii!! i love his song since i first listened to it in indon the other day.serious singers indon memang good quality la ;) so okei.damn tomorrow is sunday.i really need longer weekends! =( oh well.hope u had a nice weekend.crashing bed now.much love xx

p/s:will post on the items i bought in bijou sebab i baru basuh ;)

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


wahhh harini serious heaven.semalam sememangnya i kena pegi scb lagi.balik kol 9 malam.perut dah kebulur.sempat tapau megi goreng kat NZ scb.baru ingat kena stay back sampai kol 9pm tapi tak jadi rupanya.sebab bos kena pegi sendiri standard charted sebab tu lah saya hepi~!!! =D harini melanga tahap dewa.sampai tak tau nak melanga apa!!! boleh tak?? tapi yang paling merisaukan adalah.....begini ceritanya..

standard charted (scb) is facing these weird problems lately.and i had been going there for the past 3 days which at the end.NO that is why my boss has to go to scb todei.butttttt, bos is going for a holiday for 10days in sememangnya menghepikan saya.TETAPI!!! kalau issues in scb is not settled and suddenly the same thing occured again during my bos absence..what am i supposed to do?!!!!i bet you,i'm surely gonna go there and solve the problem alone!! dengan bos nye takde.adehhh..serious masak!!


shaittt!!! i DO have to go to scb tomorrow!!!my boss just called me!! and he said i need to get down there as early as i can!!!wahhhhh sangat kejammm!!! but hey,this is MY responsibility right?so i have to face it!walaupun pahit untuk ditelan.lagi pahit daripada tertelan panadol =( huhuhu..i hope that at least that thing is not gonna wreck my weekends.i wanna go shopping at gja's garage sale this saturday!!! seriously i'm looking forward for THAT one.coz i wanna find myself a new necklace (main aim : HEART SHAPE,BLACK MATERIAL - like the one in diva.i heart that one so much.if i couldn't find it at gja's i'm gonna buy one at diva anyways =p ) and i am looking for one piece tshirt+longsleeves and new handbags!! weee~!! i know gja has some style so i don't mind buying hers ;) good quality must come from good bargain.he he.

seeeee...i am s0oo looking forward for saturday tau!! damned those ppl yang menyusahkan hidup aku.nasib baik aku ni redha orangnye.huuuuu..but anyways,lupakan pasal scb.lets whatever comes tomorrow remains todeiii..i was looking into my cupboard.and realized that mom had put in few old clothes into the wardrobe.(which i barely wear lately.coz its either i tak muat or i can't remember where did i put it.too many almaris :P ) and i saw this !!

seriously~!! i almost forgot about this shirt@blouse or whatever u call it.i bought this during my last visit in london.went to portsmouth last 6 years!!that was my first and last time i went to london and even met lela there! =) remember tak lel?? we went to rumah hantu tuu..serious creepy =p anyways,bought it from sisley.huh! i miss my old skinny me.sekarang nak pakai serious muat2 je.but okei jugakla to wear it now.but as u can see..macam muat2 je kann..masa zaman kurus keding a.k.a flat dulu memang baju tu serious semattt je aku pakai.huh!(ingat tak dey masa tu saya keding giler siap masuk dalam kotak lagi tu masa birthday alang.time baru balik dari jepun dulu.he he.tapi tak jadi masuk kotak sebab tak cukup ketinggian untuk duduk dalam kotak.. =p ) but tu la..dah asset beyonce's taleh buang.nak buat camne my new aim = shed sum weights at beyonce's area =p boleh kutt..tunggu bulan puasa.he he.okeila.gotta crash bed now.tomorrow is's weeeeeeeeekennnn~~ but bummer nak masuk weeee~~ken tu kena pegi scb yang membosankan.hoh.nite peeps.much love xx

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

hari yang menyengalkan

harini pegi standard charted lagi.kena support derang punya sistem.hari2 call ofis mintak support.haishh..yang kena pegi,aku jugak.sebab dah sah2 aku bukannye boleh support CPS (another sistem we're handling.which i could never understand the concept ) so pukul 11 tu dah tercangak kat monorail station heading to raja chulan.dah jadi routine harian merangkap mingguan jugak sebab lately sistem derang ni asek ada problemmm jee..aku pun dah naik masak dah.tapi oleh kerana tak sanggup nak menyangapkan diri kat gagahkan diri pegi sana.but pegi client site pun best jugak sebab u just hafta run the thing and wait.but the waiting part was very very sangap.i even bring along magazines,food,and make sure my expressmusic is fully charged and fully loaded with new songs.haha.but if the system hit error,akulah orangnye.yang kena fikir camne nak make sure it runs jugak.maka selagi tak complete selagi tu la kena duduk melanga kat standard charted tu.semalam sampai kol 9 baru nak bertolak dari raja chulan.tak ke nayaa??so hari2 lah kenderaan awam yang kena naik.

dah sangap sangat naik turun naik turun.meh sini aku amek gamba =p

so everytime pegi client site..bukannye sekejap.5-6jam jugak la.serious tadi tengah sangap tunggu system running.sambil melalak2 lagu "beautiful life" ..(yes.sila ingat drama jepun tu.sebab abang takuya kissable lips berlakon ye =p ) semalam baru dapat lagu tu dari duk dengar hari2.teringat zaman melalak2 kat merpati dulu.sebab lela je yang ada CD lagu tu.yang peliknya kenapa si lela plak yang ada CD tu.padahal dia tak minat pun cerita jepun kut ;p he sambil duk bosan2 sambil dengar lagu..rasa cam comel plak my new unicorn new fave thing is this blue unicorn from NICI.*azz,we have the same unicorn don't we ;) * ( i love kissing this unicorn sebab dia lembutt everytime nak naik kete.sure akan kiss this thing first.macam ala2 bantal busuk kak mizah laa...haha..jangan marah ye kak mizz =p ) and of cos my favourite blue butterfly from GAP.i bought it for rm28 je when i was in tokyo.cute kan? =D ( memang sah aku takde keje time pegi client site =p )

so sekarang my blue butterfly dah ada kawan,booboo the blue unicorn.heee =D okeila.dah nak balik dah..penatt betul tunggu system.tengok2 error gak.i'm sure kena datang balik esok nihh..haishhh what a sengal dey.but it is much much better than last dey,dun far it was a sengal,but splendid dey =) harap2 minggu yang baik eh ;) gtg~ much love xx

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Sunday, April 20, 2008


it's sunday again!!!cepatnyeee!! wope up at 10 and feeling s0ooo bermalas malasan to go to work.but i will go of course.but right now,i feel like blogging =p it seems like only weekends baru ada mood nak memblog and obviously i had a stressful week now,alhamdulillah..the error i had been facing was "okei le tu" *sila buat nada saida* lol.heeee =D turned out ada few things yang i tak perasan during the whole running process.siottt jee aku kena maki ngan bos kann?!! ;p so i was damnnn glad i found the error on i can go meroket to cj with kaem!which was lawakkk giler!!

as usual i woke up at 7 as the night before i was pengsan at 10pm!!awal gilerr aku tido.heee =p then went for a jog till 830 then jalan2 cari makan @village park.had nasi lemak and milo ais yang sedap tahap dewa tu.then rushed to taman megah to fetch wen liang as we were supposed to be inn office at 1030.*i was unfashionably late ;p * then arrived at the office at 11.15 and did my work as much as i can.sebab later at 1230 i was supposed to fetch kaem because we need to go to cj.the cj part was hillarious.we actually got lost but both of us play it cool je.i remembered kaem said "aku bab2 peta ni lemah sket" hehehehe.i don't mind pun kaem ;) dun wori.sama2 sesat saya tak kisah pun.nobody's to be blamed pun.we even went to this one dead end which we claimed that we're supposed to go straight.(kalau straight meaning..langgar tembok??:P ) but alhamdulillah.we DID arrive at abg pawang's crib.apartment d'melor in cyberjaya.the place was "okei le tu".the food was okei.not something you can remember of after one week. =p but it was ok.takdela tak sedap pun.okei2 je.and the choc cake of coz la sedap kan.secret recipe.but maybe we were too tired and sleeppy. *note kaem was awake from 2am because she had exam from 9-11am and i was tooo sleepy because i overslept and my brain was pretty much drained from the debugging* so yeah we were not really in the mood but it was as usual "okei le tu" at least i telah berjaya membawa myvi ku ke serdang!! *mexicanwave~!!* and also to cyberjaya and back to ttdi dengan selamatnye =D *another mexican wave* haha.yeahh i know..saya kan masih ROOKIE!!hehehe.

and i met kak farah and my dear imankun!!wahh rindu sama ini budak!! ;) dah besar and can speak malay okei (note that he was speaking japanese with me all the time cause he couldn't understand malay) but now..siap masa main panjat2 tu dia cakap "ahh!!tinggi sangat ni!tolong saya" hahaha.comel giler.masa kecik dulu bukan main lagi..kalau suruh "chu" aunty erin sure dia kiss nak suruh "chu" dah he "chu" kat pipi je.but he still remember me =) of coz!! i babysitted him when he was 3 to 4 years old.and that was when i learned to speak japanese ;) *not that fluentla.* but okei le tu =D don't compare me with kak mimi,canaz or dell oh! ;p

okei.i'm off to bed now.had a tiring day at the office today.went from 1pm till 7pm nak siapkan keje sebelum bos find out yang aku telah melengah2kan kerja dia.heee.. =D dengan ini beta menitahkan...beta mau beradu.oyasumi~~ have a good sleep.esok dah isnin.sigh~!! much love xx

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Friday, April 18, 2008


i'm so doing the same thing over and over again for the past 9 days.and is so00 pissed off knowing that it takes forever.i started to take coffee FREQUENTLY lately which is a bit bothering me.i started to be a coffaholic when i was in Japan.i starterd with Nescafe Santa Marta Cafe Au Lait and the next thing you's a 'kewajiban' for me to drink coffee EVERYDAY.and in Japan,the culture was a bit different compared to here.(i think so) because like for example,you went out to restaurant to have a meal or hangout for dinner or whatsoever..they will usually go to a coffee shop right after the meal.yep.i'm sure you're gonna ask,"tak kenyang ke?" well,they go there just for a drink or chat right so it's actually like having supper except for there's no food involving ;) so since then..although it's been 3 years now..and i kinda get used to the culture and i will go asking my friend to hangout at the coffeeshop after our meal =D but i've always been turned down by them oh i'm not sad la of course.i'm saying that i always get this "still kenyanglah.." hmmm funny them.maybe its not in the culture.heee =D

so that's when i started to drink coffee.but when i was there..i had no problem having coffee when i got back from japan..i started to feel s0o weird to have coffee over nasi lemak,roti canai or anything so that's when i suddenly had this severe gastric.where i started to vomit everytime i had nescafe and then i realized.i can't drink coffee anymore :( but i started to drink tea instead.note that i never drink caffeine nor theanine before, so it was quite a turnaround when i started to drink these.i had teh tarik for almost EVERYDAY now.for the past 3 years =) but nowww..i started to drink coffee again!!! well i definitely LOVEEE coffee..but i love my tummy moree..i'm afraid that by having coffee for almost everyday now..i will jeapordize my fragile tummy.i used to have blood coming out from my 'buangan' when i had too many spicy food.scarryy kann?but i'm being careful since was during the time i had been eating t0ooo many sambal belacan.VERYYY spicy one.kampung sytle my tummy jadi s0oo mengada2 and tak tahan.lucky me,at least my tummy let me know whenever i'm having too much chilli or too much i know when to stop..*period* hee =p

but work had been forcing me to be such a coffaholic..again!which i'm a bit concerned..buttt..saya suke~~~~!!!saya sudah taleh hidup tanpa coffee.cane ni?? kalau tak..kat office sure mata tableh bukak and i can't think straight!!am i THAT addicted again? ngeee =D

p/s : it's weekend!!! i am s0oo looking forward for weekends!!weeeeee~!!! xxx

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wowww!! what a lousy week!! i'm feeling damn lousy and very very NOT productive.the fact that i am having such much actually just this ONE fugging thing.seriously since day one i did this fugging thing.i can't stop saying fudge!!!seriously..i think that my boss is poking all over my mistakes.aku taulah aku salah tapi tolonglah betulkan?!! what do u expect?? kalau dah aku tak tau tu maknanya ko kenalah bagitau kann?!! grrrrr~!! seriously,i never fely sooooo pissed off with my sv before.he had been getting into my nerves lately.and even worse making me looked bad in front of HIM!everyday rasa tensedd!! do u know that when people make u feel bad and turned off ur mood..the rest of the week is macam shialll~~ je kann..hoh!i know he wants me to learn.but pushing me like i'm this one stupid bimbo with heartleass face (i know muka aku ni muka seposen..muka blur..muka tak faham) but trust me..your words can bore me MOST of the time!!huh!! so don't blame me!but frankly speaking..this fugging thing is FUGGING!!! complicated that i feel like shouting at him "AKU TAK TAU..AKU TAK TAU LAAHHH..KALAU KAU TAU SANGAT..KAU BUAT SENDIRI!!" huhu.boleh??sebab rasa cam dah give up sangat.bukan la givap ape.tapi this fuggin programme one point rasa cam nak hentak2 pc.sebab aku series rasa fedup kenapa programme ni taknak ikut cakap tangan aku yang memprogramme kan dia.grrrrrr~!!! >:( and then sv plak tak abes2 cakap.. "if you don't know..u should ask me.." ya Allah Tuhan aje yang tau kutt..aku ni rasa cam nak meletup otak pikir error satu.pikir camne flow benda alah tu lagi.pastu pikir pasal dia aa..tak ke psycho..dahlah sv duduk sebelah je meja.pastu sikit2 tanya "belum siap lagi ka?..belum siap lagi kaa? " shiaallllll je~~~ aku tau lahhh tapi benda ni amek masa doinkkk!!! if you keep on nagging me aku sure hentak gak keyboard ni kat kepala sapa2 shiallll jee~~!! (mind my language for today.hormones kut..huh) pastu tengok muka tension dia lagi.aku rasa dia tengah tension gak kut ngan keje.serious aku rasa at another point of view (which is my fikiran waras =p ) i must understand that he has tooooo many things to handle but too little helper and too little time and i on the other hand is definitely NOT helping by being this muka seposen a.k.a tak faham membuat programming yang dari last week tak siap2.maka dengan ini beta menitahkan.beta murka lagi bermuram durja pada minggu ini.hmmmppphhh...

bak kata senior beta,endurance my friend..endurance.seriouslyy...i am being seendurance energizer to duracell punya bateri tauu!!harap2 this lil bunny tak payah tukar2 bunny macam iklan duracell tu.tak larattttt...please come weekends!!tak sabar nak merelease tension mengaraoke kan diri.*i wish~~!!* and then..cakap pasal endurance ni..

to my dear alang,poor lil thing..bersabar ye...kita sama2 berusaha.sama2lah bertahan ok.hope u'll get through it.and i WILL send u postcard.with picture of us lagi.heee..insyaAllah..ok peeps..crashing bed now.nite2.much love xx

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

it's sunday again..

am waiting for my exroom mate to arrive in picking her up later then we will be rocketing(pinjam ayat dey ;D )to the curve!haihh lama tak tengok movie.nak tunggu dak2 ofis.sangatlah banyak plan derang.ada je benda nak buat on weekends.but its ok.i had a great hangout too, was lela's along's wedding in nilai.sangatlahhhh penattt..coz it's hot and on the way back,it was raining heavily!! and even banjir!! thanks to jido.she had to drive all the way from ampang to nilai.kesian dia.but it was fun.when all of us were in the car.memang gossip tak hengat la kan..and that uber HOTT video was definitely yucky yucky!!ewww..memang lepas ni dah tak pandang kut si i** *e**** kat damas tu.sure i'll be looking at her dengan jijiknye.huhu.

but anyways,lela is superrrr thin!!i could call her lela adam@lela beckham now?ha ha.makcik ni sangatlah kurus and i think she can fit into dey's pants!!or ntah2 lagi longgar?? huh!and dey was the bridesmaid.uhhhh~!! he he he.the ceremony was HUGEEE and pretty silverrriee too!!i see silver everywhere.heee =D the food was yummy2 and i think we had too much meat that all of us went dizzy in the car.maybe we had meat-high.haha.but sedappp..seriously!!the masak lemak was the best! and the chocs was uber sweeetness la kann..(even fiza tried to sneak my choc.hmmphhh!) yeah..sempatla amek few pictures.which altogether aroun 75pics??hehe.banyak kann?? :P so yep.enjoy the pic ;)

syahida yang comel lagi baik hati =D

all of us

the newly weds

 friend is here now.gonna watch movie.have a nice weekends ;) much love xx

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Friday, April 11, 2008


i curi gambar u ye azz.i love this pic! heee =D

to azzahraa annuar,

happy 24th birthday! i hope u like the unicorn and the card.sorry i can't help it but i love the color of the unicorn and the card.i pun ada unicorn jugak.kaler blue.hehe.comel kan? ;p anyways,thanks for being such a dear's been 11 years now and still counting =) talking to you is s0o much fun and of course very very meaningful.thanks for spending your easter with us and thanks for always being there for us.i thought of giving you a pink calculator but macam legally blonde la plak,nowadays semua kan guna notebook je ;p's always been nice to have u aroun,hanging out.dengar masalah semua.and of course,me,listening to YOUR masalah.hehe.definitely can't wait for december to come and kalau i taknak jadi usher u boleh?hehehe.kidding kidding.kalau jadi usher u,takyah fitting baju ke?hehehehe. ;p kang tak sama kaler ngan bakal P******* =D (ok.itu kita cerita bila u balik nanti)

anyways,May Allah bless you always and may u and amir last forever and may YOU have a great you babe! take care and HAVE FUN!! xx much love

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

my new hobby : wasting time

do tell me sapa tak reti membazirkan masa dengan jayanya?meh saya ajar.sampai korang rasa tak cukup masa nak dibazirkan.hahaha.anyways,bos tak masuk lagi saya pun dengan selamba membelog di ofis heee (^__-)v piss!

wahh cepatnye dah nak pukul 10.semalam called alang.kelam kabut aku tanya dia mana fiza.minah tu pun satu.called punyalah banyak kali tak angkat2.dalam otak aku satu je : kena culik.boleh? :P lawaknye aku siap fikir berapa nombor telefon umah minah ni.dulu bukan main hafal.skang dah ada handphone dah tak teringat nombor tu.hampir2 aku call telekom nak check nombor lapan angka umah dia.haha.but lepas je called alang.i tried to call fiza again.miracle it was..dapat!! haihh...she is actually in pangkor daaa..dush!!at least replyla my texts cik adik problem fixed? ;D

harini ada keje.bos dah bagi siap2 semalam.tak taulah harini dia masuk ke tak sebab pagi ni dia pegi hong leong kat sana.and me,blog-lompat,surfing,check email semua..dah kol 10!! dayme!!semalam kepingin nak makan KFC.excited nak balik umah cepat2 nak bawak si kenit jalan2 naik kete pegi beli kfc.sampai2 je umah..KFC dah ada pun kat atas must be my lucky day ;) so tak jadi nak bawak si kenit pegi kfc.i end up bawak jalan2 aroun zaaba je.geram ngan si kenit.nak suruh dia duduk diam kat carseat tu..kena nyanyi lagu "KFC~~ that's where i want to be.." 7-8 kali kut so that dia tak bangun from the seat.(note: i don't have childseat in my car okei ;P ) tapi nasib baik si kenit ikut cakap and he is such adorable to well behaved semalam.rasa geram cam nak chobit pipi dia!!!

oh what a day~!!it's already thursday!!cepatnyeeeee..rasa macam baru je ahad lepas!and azz baru je flew last saturday.alang baru je sampai.and now its gonna be 3days left before she left.tak sempat nak jalan2 with her pun this time.she's been busy studying for her exams.and i'm busy working anyway..oh today i woke up late!!it's not that late,but the walk to the bathroom seems forever coz i was stucked at the tv couch to watch fergei : clumsy vclip.comel giler semua pop-up vids tu!i loike~!! ok2,sambung balik.then siap2 semua.tengok2 dah kol 845!!which is definitely LATE!!then headed to mesra to buy some low fat milk and kit kat for breakfast.the milk is for the frosties cereal awaits in the office ;) picking the right milk was disaster!i was stucked at the milk fridge cause i couldn't make up my mind which milk to buy.nak beli dutch lady,rasa serba salah.nak beli HL,takde.nak beli brand lain,tak pernah tengok or cuba i end up buying dutch lady anyways.terpaksa.kali ni je eh :D (kan sekarang tengah boikot barangan buatan
belanda.hehe) so this is what i had for breakfast

frosties bersama low fat milk dan kit kat.yum yum ;)

omg!it's almost 1030~!! gotta go!shucks!!banyak benda nak kena buat ni.siap melagha plak!so peeps~~ power to the people!! (especially yang tengah keje : sila tabah ye..esok dah jumaat :D ) and here is my new flickr.its the best of the best of my collections ;) suddenly feels like wanna do photography as passion la.boleh tak?:D WTH??hahah.kidding.just for fun boleh la kut,enjoy! : chunkie's flickr

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

feels like bloated meletoped

i'm always inspired by people.i just love reading my polaroid blog by jen.i just love her polaroids which is so simple yet full with its own story.she has really good polaroids and pictures too.and i also love her simply breakfast blog..makes me wanna have my breakfast everyday =) you know..all these simple things put a smile on your face everyday.lifted up your spirit and makes a small differences in your's just a simple miracle,isn't it? =) speaking of pictures.i think i have t0ooo many pictures in my notebook.i really nead to buy a new external hard drive =D now i have a reason to go to low yatt!weehee~!! but i'm out of money~!! i spent rm300 for i-don't-know-what in within 5 days!!!crazy huh?i think i used it mostly for 'makan-makan' only!! huhuhu.lavish lavish me..(again out of topic) ;p oh and speaking of pictures..i think i'm gonna start new album for the best of my pictures collections ;) i think i have quite a lot of nice pics altho i'm not using DSLR okei..hehe..

today mr supervisor is not around,again.glad with HUGE G.hehe.i tend to do things at ease when he's not around.i prefer to do things at my own pace.just give me the datelines and i'll try to meet the ends ;) my mom told me once,if i'm continuing this attitude..i definitely need to work on my own.ha ha.bless u mama.she's right! but as for now,i don't mind being the 'kuli' for a while.i'm not the kind who can work on her own anyways.need some guidelines from the 'master' or 'sifu'.learning is fun but it can be really really this ---> BORING.he he.but to get what you want in live is harder,right?so i guess i'm fine with whatever it is ;) oh,here is muhammad eyman syafie muhammad faizal.welcome to the world munchkins.can't wait to see you to grow up just like si kenit.he i have two kenits ;D ..i'm happy today.are you? =) take care..much love xx

p/s: today feels like my tummy is about to bloated.huhu.and i don't like when the F-name is mentioned.*udnir relig*

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Monday, April 07, 2008

it's mourn-day~!

morning!harini semangat giler.bangun macam biasa.padahal semalam tido kol 130 pagi.hehe.gara2 blogging la kut..hehe.but managed to get out of the house before 840.i think 840 is the most ideal time to get to jam after the tunnel towards plaza damas there.and i am happy to arrive at the office at 9am on the dot!huh!dah lama tak sampai kat ofis 'on time'.i even managed to go the supa to get some small cereals packets and a fresh first proper breakfast in office.hehe.ok jugak ek. :D pastu ingatkan boss dah sampai ofis,dah cuak2 je nak masuk ofis.tapi jam baru pukul 9.05.hoh!(awal giler!!) then had my breakfast (still NO sign of boss coming in) then dipped in some pakcik famous amos ke dalam susu segar itu.yum2.sedappp gilerrr..tapi takde aku nak tangkap gamba kesedapan tu la kan. (takkan semua nak amek gamba kut??) hahaha.

sempat blog hopped semua.oh kak shera dah selamat sampai kat malaysia kut.alhamdulillah.her entries in japan was like the best so far!!made me rindu kat japan la sangat22222~~!! but close childhood friends in japan pun dah balik,canaz and dell.yeay!dell plak dah pindah rupanya.ingat duk kat datuk sulaiman 6 lagi.keitai pun takde.chet!tapi takpe.asalkan leh renraku pun cukup.hehe.semalam sempat pegi umah canaz,saje jenguk2 orang baru balik dari jepun.sekarang dah keje pun sebagai operator berjaya dia kilang jepun.hehe.tapi gaji u masyuk okei!! walaupun menjadi kuli yang tak seberapa bestnye.he he.takdela..minah ni engineer sebenarnya.tapi biasalah kaisha jepun.dia nak pekerja atasan dia belajar segala benda dari kenalah start dari usual minah ni kurus la kan..tak tau dia akan naik ke tidak berat badan once dah balik mesia nih.he he ;p ouh she gave me the umbrella~~ ella ella eh eh!! bukan payung sebarangan tau!! i memang dah lama nak payung ni masa kat nihon.tapi tak in fact dah beli,tapi tertinggal kat kyoto!! demmm..but takpe.thanks to canaz,saya sudah ada payung spesel itu.he he.its the same payung transparent yang kak sher pakai at most of her pictures in japan (kak mimi punya kut) .my mom used to have one when she was in US for 2 years,papa buat masters kat wisconsin.tapi entah mana pegi payung tu.heee =D

oh well.hafta get back to kak yana~!!! sila update!! pasal along's wedding or ape2 je lahhh..kemanakah anda menghilang?? btw,i read kak mell's blog and i s0oo love the dress she bought for her gala.tapi poor her,she can't go to her's ok.sacrifices is always worth it =) ok peeps! happy monday.get back to work!what the hell were u thinking reading my blog while working?!! he he he..much love xx

p/s:si kenit dah balik from kuala selangor.satu malam tido at my house.boleh plak dia tak tido ngan parents dia.he he.oh will update on lil eyman syafie =) semalam mimpi 'dia' lagi.not again :(

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

current song : turn back time

by : AQUA

haish..suddenly feels like i'm in the mood for aqua song.seriously time flies so fast!! azz is off back to london again.sedihnyeee~!! s0oo cepat she balik :( but sempat jumpa azz pagi sebelum dia balik london malam tu.we went for our last breakfast our new favourite place ;) rasa macam sekejapppp sangat jumpa azz.pejam celik pejam celik.dah dua minggu.sob sob.sedih and boring!

but takpe~~ lilo is back!! hehe.she's back for her along's fact along is officially married now.tinggal reception je nanti kat saturday.congrats to abg najib :)

oh!!oh!!i cut my hair!! pretty damn short.kununs nak pendek sikittt je.but turned out makcik tu potong macam rambut rihanna boleh? (haha!tipu je.takde rupa cam rihanna pun.chet!) but its damn short la.but okla kut.since i'm having trouble with sweats,pakai tudung lagi with my l0oonggg hair.sangatlaa panjanggg.kena simpul2 lagi dalam hair is s0o not breathing la kan.but saya suka je rambut baru nih..hehe.

urm i made a cartoonish version of me.but u know roughly how the hair looks like ;D

oh i did i tell u? its 3 weeks now since ketiadaan itu makhluk.sangat terasa bosan..hari2 rasa mengantuk dan tak semangat.but we still renraku la once in a while.texts and fact,i just had 3g conversation yesterday!! aaahhhh sangat terkejut :P ( mati aku kalau dia baca ni.he he ) so malas nak cerita details la kan.altho hanyalah for few seconds.sempat nampak dia lambai and say helo and showed me the pizza he ate.cuteness!!! ( kenapa saya rasa macam tersengih sorang2?? hahaha ) abaikan..penat je aku lambai balik..rupa2nya tak nampak.chet!time tu hangin betul ngan 3g reception kat tengah2 highway tu.ho ho.but takpe.saya hepi jugak =D thank you for the 3g made my day =)

i met my old collegue in FEC during my intern.happpppyyy sangat.dapat jumpa ferie and nano.and eric and abg ashraf too!! u guys are still the same!! made me laugh all the way ;) although sekejap.but had a good time catching up.but since semua pun macam kusyuk nak makan and kelaparan *lol* so sempat borak sekejap but ferie!! i can't believe ur actually EIGHT months preggy!!u looked s0oo kurus for 8months mengandung.he he.happy to see u too dear.nanti i pegi chulan,we lunch sama2 lagi k.tak sempat tangkap gamba.tapi takpe.we can always meet up =)

then emi just got back from berjalan2 (again!).minah ni sangatla rajin tolong shoppingkan untuk boifren kesayangannye a.k.a my lil bro.i loveee the emporio watch she gave him.sangat cool okei ;) and she gave me this cool shades.which nak pakai tapi segan.sebab cool sangat.ha ha.but okeila kut.nanti i try

thanks emi.dahla sayang nak mati kut kat my lil bro.ish ish ish.adaaa je hadiah dia bagi.baju la,jam la.semua bukan harga main2.risau aku ;p anyways,i miss azz dah :( how i wish she works here.but everything sure ada hikmah nye rite? :) can't wait till december azz!! quick quik quick ;D nadz!cepat update! ;) he he.ok peeps.hitting the 'katil puaka'. =D esok keje.have a good sleep peeps.nite nite.much love xx

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

give me 30 minutes of your time

wow!for the first time.i dunno what to write!i was like typing and typing.then i deleted.then i try to type again.but still just couldn't figure out what to write :P but anyways,just wanna share some thoughts.

i've always amused by people who can write simple words to tell their story.i had always been the type of person who likes to talk A LOT and oh well,u can tell from my writings.i write veryyyy long.ask lela.she was even asked by miss shal to tell me to put fullstop in my words in my essay ;p *that bad* hehe.anyways,that's me and my writings.but how about thoughts.have u ever think about your life like how u want it to be and how will you lead it towards your aims or goals?i just adore people who can actually sees what they want in their what kind of job they really want or what kind of car they wanna buy.what kind of husband or what kind of house and so on.but me.tell u what..i just can't see myself imagining those future fact i see myself only for the next day.but not the next next day.or even in 1 to 2 years time :P that bad kan?i know..

so i spoke to a dear senior of mine when i was in japan.he called me and we talked about work and life but mostly work la.dia macam tau je i have this issue about work lately.gosh!he knows me too well! :D so he was telling me on how i should see things forward not being stucked at one time and hoping for lucky clover to fell into ur lap? same thing occured lately when i was actually talking to a friend about getting a better job or so i wanna have a better thing to do besides doing whatever i'm doing right everything is s0o hard..but the THING is..i don't see myself in 'that' better job.meaning? i am s0o BLUR.maksudnya..i don't like to think about toooo many things like job la,gaji la,rumah la,kereta la,bills la,itu la,ini la..i don't like to think too much or being TOO ahead of my own time.because i am just afraid to face whatever awaits me..saya tak ready dan saya juga tak pasti kalau saya dah bersedia untuk sebab tu la my senpai told me..try to take 30minutes of MY LIFE everyday (as promised) to make a small changes..EVERY SINGLE DAY..and i hope you could too ;) bak kata senpai saya..tak semua orang gifted macam certain2 people ( not me of course..) where u can cepat pick up and do things smoothly..and the rest of their life fall into those people yang NOT LIKE 'that' kinda of people tu,kenalah usaha lebih sikit..betul tak?so why not take the 30minutes of yours and do the little changes kan? ;) think about it..

p/s: malam ni nak tido awal.tiba2 ada semangat nak ganbaru.nites! much love xx

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