Sunday, March 09, 2008

old friends:older,wiser and closer

wowww!!what a weekend!!woke up at 730 on saturday..for my usual jog with's election day and i'm not electing? :p maybe.he he.anyways,BN rocked huh?wow i seriously can't believe it either although i'm not a fan of any particular party :D but still i DO know who won or lost.nothing much to comment on this.anyways,went to sunway pyramid after how many yearrrss?? hmm lemme see..6 years?? and guess what was i there for? was fun though.the usual 6 of us hanging out and fooling was hillarious and just what i needed.a break.and still,i'm just not prepared for the whole next week tomorrow.haihhh..

but i had a great time!thank YOU for the pizza ;D and the iceskating was tiringggg..sebab kena jadi guide ;p and guess who came all over from upm to ttdi?? ;D

yep!!it's wan nurul karimah!! was a great fun having her around!!asyik gelakkkkk jee!! we did nothing much last night,just hanged out and watch badminton and a bit of football and elections here and there.and end up me,sleeping early and she,the ever miss future lecturer doing what i dunno ;p and we woke up early today for our SWIM!!! at nad'z was fun and of course..loads and loads of laughing!! penat aku gelak sambil air masuk dalam telinga.hoh! we are soo gonna be the future national swimmer huh,girls?lol.then we went to santai for breakfast and we hafta rush back,hoping to watch movie.but bummer,since i hafta go aishah's wedding..i hafta rush here and there so me and kaem end up jalan2 cari j**** at one utama.he he.i found cute lil creature!! for my car..cuba teka ape?? its white fluffy head with small four green feet!! :D its cj7!!!comelsss sangattt..terus beli and hanged it in my car.then found cool band for mr ehem2.for his farewell gift.then we saw the big apple and suddenly we craved for the yummyyyyy donuts!! me and kaem bought 1 box of 6 pieces each! which guess who end up eating all her 6 pieces donuts ALONE?! ;p ehem2.he he he.the alien vs predator was superbbbbb~!!! i had twooo and i definitely can not share it with anyone else.sangat sedapppp~!!

aren't they just yummmyyyy?? ;p so anyways..after having this yummy donuts i was LATE!! getting ready for aishah's wedding and as usual eya picked me up..and we headed to ecah's with rina awaited.sorry rina.alhamdulillah today,my dearie aishah has become the wife of her ever beloved redzuan =) congrats you two!! so here are the pictures the four of us bila i miss my japan life..anyways,i met all of them in japan and we are all trying to keep in touch with each other..and it's been four years now ;) here are the pictures during ecah's wedding.but sorry tak sempat tangkap gamba ngan hubbynya ;p

bubbly rina and me ;)

with my other twins,sassy piah ;)

one down,three to go ;p

the bride! :)

the ex housemates ;)

ecah ku <3

me.rina and friend.

oh well..i had a great weekends.and now i'm stoked kepenatan ;D need to crash the bed.esok keje.haihh...and counting days till his gone.sigh~ much love peeps.nite2 xx

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