Sunday, March 02, 2008

macet,gratis sama nyongkrong.haha!

waduhhh selamat sampe aku.capet banget dehhhh..aku lagi engga kesempatan blogging sewaktu gw di sana.kayaknya aku lagi kecapetan.tidornya lebih tapi rehat yang kurang.masakan bisa rehat..majlisnya 2days in a row,pagi petang siang malam.hehehe.sila gelak kat perkataan2 yang aneh lagi lucu ;p serious perkataan paling taleh terima was nyongkrong!! tau tak ape maksud dia?? i saw it at the mc donald's signboard.which i am s0o gonna put it here wait till you see,then you'll know.he he he.

nway,hey peeps~! i just got back from jakarta~!! huh! memang tak sempat langsung nak bershopping.the only place i went for shop was the mall somewhat like fajar ;p yep2 true!engga bo'ong deh.hehe.but it was cool enough for me to buy some souvenirs but at a bit expensive price.anywayss...i'm not gonna tell you everything now.just a summary of my trip to jakarta.the roads are 'macet' bangettt..hehe.yep.alwayssss JAMMED!!!but it was fun to see people know when to hit the honk and stepped on the brake.although its like the cars are only 2-3inches away from each other.they tend not to hit each other's car.serious cool~!!menyelit sana menyelit sini.huh.pusing kepala gw:P anyways,the wedding was superrr grand and very cultural~! seriously,java can be s0oo 'berprotokol'..but yet, i had witnessed few ceremonies..siraman,something like a farewell for the future bride and her with anita,the babe who looked like joke! then suddenly came the part where i had an accidentally toot serious malu giler.which was caused by tante yanti.which caused satu family buat drama.haha.then a trip to shopping mall with toot.then came the BIG day.a java style akad nikah.seiously tak pernah tengok orang akad nikah camni..then we had the grannnnd padang wedding at balai sudirman.delicious food.loads and loads of bakso.hectic day.and early flight which caused me to wake up at 4.30am today..seriously,i am stiill tired from the trip..

so will update u later with the very cultural javaness wedding pictures ok.and sorry. no toot's picture coz he's busy taking mine.haha! ;p ok peeps~! gonna crash the bed now.malasnye nak keje esokkkk~!! but workloads still melambak.urghhhh males bangettt ni donkkkk. ya udah ;D much love.nite~! xxx

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