Saturday, March 29, 2008

hepi hepi dey..

morning..hehe.its actually 10mins to 2pm here.just woke up from my short nap after an hour jog this morning.woke up at 730 after subuh and getting all pumped up for my saturday morning ritual : jog for life? =D hoh!jogged+walked for an hour with dad at the usual lembah kiara park.rasa cam peha ni dah kecik sket ;p ha ha ha.anyways,for the first time of the week i don't have anywhere to go!! bosann.but its ok..coz i think i needed the rest anyway ;) oh,but i'm going to makan2 at my cousin's new house at 3pm =) she just moved in somewhere in TTDI too ;) oh wait! i did go somewhere today.went for breakfast @ jasima.and after 5months working~~ i actually get the time to shop for my reading materials!!hahahaha.lama gilerr tak beli mags or menempek kat kedai buku jap.bought some mags.then went to guardian.shops some more.bought new liquid estee lauder's smudge eyeliner udah mau abes.semakin pendek pencilnye ;p so sediakan eyeliner sebelum hujan? ;p he he.

headed home.kekenyangan and happy ;) and tengah rehat baca mags.tiba2 ada pos laju datang.and i was like..wahh lamanya tak dapat parcel!! from japan kah?? but's MY SHROOMS!!! it's finally here!! i bought these cute shrooms long t-shirt.bought two! one for me and one for nuwen! ;) look at theseeee !!

me trying on the shrooms ;D

so about the small gathering..i left work early on wednesday.headed to azz's house to fetch her.thought wanna go straight from her house to klcc but i bet the traffic on weekdays (or on weekends pun sama je ;p ) is gonna be s0oo sardined la we decided to go to klcc after maghrib since kaem herself was a bit late due to the ever 'reliable' commuter system.ceh! ;p anyways,had my shower at azz's and headed to kl sentral to meet up with kaem.and helo-helo ;D azz,me and kaem took the lrt to klcc.he he.i know azz dah lama tak amek lrt.but tube pun sama je kan azz ;) so sampai2 je kat klcc station all the girls are already in klcc but the food places are all full!! so we decided to have our dinner at secret recipe @ avenue usual,bagilah 8 orang ke 10 orang ke..sure gamat budak2 ssp ni.we sampai2 borakkkkkk riuh rendah satu tempat tu..even the waiter yang amek order tu kena tunggu for almost 20mins before getting all our order ;p sorry ye abg waiter.he here are us..enjoy the pics of the small ssp9701 gathering or should i call makan-makan pics =D

wow!!i've uploaded MOST of the pictures here!! with the new blogger multiuploader..senang sikit kejeku~~ he he.ok.need to shower and go 'makan-makan'.weee~!! have a nice weekends ;) much love xx

p/s: entry kali ni banyak gamba!! ;p i end this entry with the picture of this lil guy.pagi tadi i called kak dee..lawak giler..i wanted to talk to ameer.but he was eating..then,i was saying "mana yin?yin mana?" and his mouth was actually he taleh nak panggil my i pun hung up.suddenly kak dee called me back.and said that,bila i letak je phone..he suddenly started to call : "yin! yin!" comelll sangat..he wanted to call me back!! arghhhhh rindunyee kat si kenit nihh!!

rindu pleaseee..cepat balik!! ;p xxx

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