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congratulations widi & yudi <3

hey ho.masuk2 ofis arini blur kejap.otak jammed for 1/2 hour before the brain starts to tick again.huhu.serious macam blank ape nak buat harini.where did i stopped and all.but as are the pictures from the trip :)

leaving on the jet plane ;p

mari nongkrong!!

sampai2 je kat umah widi..lepak for a bit makan2 then slept for 3 hours~~!!woke up with a HUGE headache.and end up waiting for widi till she finished her exam.and we went to have my first mee ayam bakso!! sedappppp~!! seriously it's not the same as the one u have in malaysia =)

bride to be

mee ayam bakso

and then we just hangout and preparing stuffs for the first ceremony on the next afternoon, upacara siraman.upacara siraman is the ceremony where the bride to be will have to kneel in front of the parents for forgiveness and asking for 'restu' for her to leave the family and starts her new life with her husband.then the parents will then give a speech as for giving the permission for their only daughter to leave the home and starts her new life.then they will bring her to the tempat siraman to somekind like giving her the last bath as their daughter..

tempat siraman

the bride to be : in the making

the sinda : giving speeches in javanese during the ceremony

the parents preparing the air siraman

asking for forgiveness

upacara siraman

and later on that nite,widi hafta change into another clothes where its something like malam memperkenalkan she wore this NICEEE baby blue and pink dress something like kebaya.and during this night the family from the man's side will bring all the hantaran which will later hafta bring during the akad nikah the next day.the hantaran was FOUR pairs of beautifullll kain from all sorts of color.a ferragamo handbag and sandals,bvlgari perfumes and facial wash and skincare,3 cakes!! 2 cheeses and 1 chocolate cake.a telekung ( which is called mukenak in indonesian ) and some cookies and biscuits.

anita and widi.she looked like rossa kan? ;p

anita.widi and me

me and widi

masa ni bakal pengantin lelaki tak boleh jumpa bakal pengantin perempuan.and he can only drink a glass of water during the food or anything else.and the girl could not go out from her room.weird enough?;p it's interesting..

the dad is asking the bride to be,for the last time.asking if she's prepared and ready to start her new life from the day onwards.

the food again :D

the big day

bride to be getting ready for akad.

walking into the room for akad.

akad nikah

mbak ya =) her name is mutiara.gile best nama kan? ;p

mas rama a.k.a reza ramadhan

and then we have the bersanding ceremony.held at the balai sudirman where all the family members will wear maroon clothes including me ;p and the guys will wear the jawa suit.which is damn semattttt~!! u should see mr ehem2 :P and this lil cute boy is widi's youngest brother.even he,hafta wear the jawa suit ;)

rafiiiiiiii lucu bangetttt

the tantes : mak photographer :P and tante noni

the pelamin

with tante noni

the newly wed

they were welcomed with a silat and a dance called sumting2 payung ;p by the dancers and they will then walked along the aisle while all of us standing for the whole ceremony!yep we are all standing~!! even during the makan2 we hafta stand while the rest of the guests will queue up along the aisle to congratulate the newly weds ;)it was just a quick reading the prayers ceremony and like 15mins later the people will go up the stage to meet the bride :)

newly weds and parents

with mbak ya,gina and mutiya

the front entrance : yudi and widi's wedding

anita yang lucu ;) she is seriously cerewet!! (cerewet means talkative in indonesian ;p )

with bubbly anita

with ratna another close friend of widi.

with kia,rama's cewek and the newly weds

my favourite girl,mutiya :)

oh well, i am s0o gonna miss mutiya the most.she is such a dollllll..and veryyy sweeet.she likes to bermanja2 with me ;p well peeps.there's tooo many pictures to put here.but at least these are the few that explains my 4 days vacations in jakarta.later will get the pics from widi's was fun and of course tiring.but still,it's fun =) i had a great time.i've never been to a ceremony where you hafta spend day and nite non stop.i get to see these indonesians being maked-up.seriously..i wanna get a mak andam from there!! and the clothes are s0oooo wedding dress is s0oo gonna buy from here too! ;p (kak yana,ape lagi??sila tempah la kain kat indon!!;p) anyways,i will add more pictures later since i took me 2 hours to choose the pictures yesterday ;D enjoy the pic! much love xx

p/s : sape pandai boleh nampak mr toot ;p

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