Saturday, March 29, 2008

bleeding in love with jamie scott.uhhhh..

hey peeps.its been a while..but not really A WHILE la..he as usual is okay.i think ;p and nothing much to update on mr.X.but jamie scott's version of bleeding love sangatlaaa me-reminiscence..he he's been two weeks now.but i am doing fine..ngeee :D anywaysss...been sleeping late,was because kaem slept at my house the other day.coz we went to a small ssp gathering in avenue k.turned out there we 8 of us who came.just for lepak2 not the BIG BIG gathering pun.saje catching uploaded at facebook to those who have facebook la kan..but to those yang takde..will send to u girls later.tonite am too tired to upload for everyone. pictures..will be uploaded later k. ;)

so updates on the girls outing will be done by this weekend.hehe.coz i'm too tired to upload the pics right now and i really need my sleep.but don't worry.i will definitely update.knowing me la kann..he he.and ouh,to kak sher..if u read this.i am s0oo jealous of you boleh??? hu hu hu.and canaz!! cepat pulang~!! i tak sabar nak lepak ngan u nihhhh ;D yeayyy bertambah ahli lepak2 i di rasta atau di mana jua.sebab weekends i sangat la busaannn jika tidak melepak sampai lebam.he he.nites all!! crashing bed~~ much love xx have a nice weekend ;)

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