Sunday, March 30, 2008

bleeding in love with jamie scott <3

i can't help it..but i am s0oo in love with this video.thanks to kaem!!i even downloaded the video so i can watch jamie scott EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before i go to sleep.cute pleaseee..and his voice..uhhhhh..sangat swooooneed ( bak kata kaem ;p ) i even uploaded it in my expressmusic.before tido wajib dengar.kasi dodoi2 mimpi indah.hahaha.

btw, i loveee the part in the video when he was introducing his friends and one of the friend shouted "TOM" and this cute jamie scott said : "i know his name"..masa tu macam adehhhh cuteee jee cara dia sebut "i know his name" serious cam cuteeeeee!! oh well i just love when he talks la senang.british accent dia.wahhhhhh~!! cara dia sebut leona lewis was like : "leyona luwwis".swooonedddd~!! haha okei2 peeps,crashing bed now.but i am s0o gonna give u peeps see the video of course! enjoy my jamie :P he he.nite~! much love xx

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