Sunday, March 23, 2008

be my little baby..

hey ho! i am s0oo happpyyyy today.guess who's back for easter??although for only two short weeks but i am still happy to meet YOU!!! at least i'm not too preoccupied with i woke up and finished up my first part of cj7 after subuh.and went for a jog at 740 and rushed back to pick up nadz and off we go to alhambra ;) and picked up this lil lady~!!

yep!she's back!!he we went to had our breakfast at the village park.(pojoe,your recommended place is now my mom's,dad's,friends' favourite hangout! ;) ) seronokkkk!!! dapat borak2 ngan azz and nadz!!dah lama tak lepak sama2.make fool of ourself and most of all,catching up!! wowww~!! can u believe it?? we are 24!! and we are actually talking about WORK!!! he he.and azz,the lil lady is no longer THAT little okeiii..i like her look now.nampak ok azz!! ;) seriously.. =) so here are the pictures we took.masing2 tak puas hati.kejap erin menjadi,the next time nadz tak menjadi.the next time azz plak menjadi.and the rest..u can figure out ;p so yeah..we took 10 pics at only one spot.haha!

and then i got this cute long nite tee from azz.sangat comel!! i am actually wearing it now.he he

and nadz gave me this sakura slippers too!! haihhh i have such lovely friends!! i'm blessed =)

oh well..harini saya happy.can't wait for next week.i'm hoping for our next outing.dinner @ klcc!! ;) crashing bed now..while listening to nicole atkins over and over and over and over again ;P and oh u should listen to the ronnette - be my little baby.its and old song.but i like!! u should listen to nicole atkins' version of it.which is i am s0o falling in love with right now =) nites! much love xx

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