Sunday, March 16, 2008

argghhhhhhh gerammmnyeeee!!!

enough said.i am could my bro did this to me!!haishhh..i cried like orang gila till my eyes are all swollen.seriously.i am not pissed off to myself neemore.but to my bro!aduihhh..i've thought so that i am not thatttt careless to actually let someone stole the camera.turned out HE took it!!arghhhhh!!gerammmmnyeee i almost killed myself knocking my head while walking like 'mak kucing kehilangan anak'.adehhh..but felt much better.relieved.coz i can post 'his' pictures soon :P i had a rough about you? much love xxx

hey you.good luck at ur new workplace tomorrow.. :)

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