Sunday, March 30, 2008

bleeding in love with jamie scott <3

i can't help it..but i am s0oo in love with this video.thanks to kaem!!i even downloaded the video so i can watch jamie scott EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before i go to sleep.cute pleaseee..and his voice..uhhhhh..sangat swooooneed ( bak kata kaem ;p ) i even uploaded it in my expressmusic.before tido wajib dengar.kasi dodoi2 mimpi indah.hahaha.

btw, i loveee the part in the video when he was introducing his friends and one of the friend shouted "TOM" and this cute jamie scott said : "i know his name"..masa tu macam adehhhh cuteee jee cara dia sebut "i know his name" serious cam cuteeeeee!! oh well i just love when he talks la senang.british accent dia.wahhhhhh~!! cara dia sebut leona lewis was like : "leyona luwwis".swooonedddd~!! haha okei2 peeps,crashing bed now.but i am s0o gonna give u peeps see the video of course! enjoy my jamie :P he he.nite~! much love xx

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

hepi hepi dey..

morning..hehe.its actually 10mins to 2pm here.just woke up from my short nap after an hour jog this morning.woke up at 730 after subuh and getting all pumped up for my saturday morning ritual : jog for life? =D hoh!jogged+walked for an hour with dad at the usual lembah kiara park.rasa cam peha ni dah kecik sket ;p ha ha ha.anyways,for the first time of the week i don't have anywhere to go!! bosann.but its ok..coz i think i needed the rest anyway ;) oh,but i'm going to makan2 at my cousin's new house at 3pm =) she just moved in somewhere in TTDI too ;) oh wait! i did go somewhere today.went for breakfast @ jasima.and after 5months working~~ i actually get the time to shop for my reading materials!!hahahaha.lama gilerr tak beli mags or menempek kat kedai buku jap.bought some mags.then went to guardian.shops some more.bought new liquid estee lauder's smudge eyeliner udah mau abes.semakin pendek pencilnye ;p so sediakan eyeliner sebelum hujan? ;p he he.

headed home.kekenyangan and happy ;) and tengah rehat baca mags.tiba2 ada pos laju datang.and i was like..wahh lamanya tak dapat parcel!! from japan kah?? but's MY SHROOMS!!! it's finally here!! i bought these cute shrooms long t-shirt.bought two! one for me and one for nuwen! ;) look at theseeee !!

me trying on the shrooms ;D

so about the small gathering..i left work early on wednesday.headed to azz's house to fetch her.thought wanna go straight from her house to klcc but i bet the traffic on weekdays (or on weekends pun sama je ;p ) is gonna be s0oo sardined la we decided to go to klcc after maghrib since kaem herself was a bit late due to the ever 'reliable' commuter system.ceh! ;p anyways,had my shower at azz's and headed to kl sentral to meet up with kaem.and helo-helo ;D azz,me and kaem took the lrt to klcc.he he.i know azz dah lama tak amek lrt.but tube pun sama je kan azz ;) so sampai2 je kat klcc station all the girls are already in klcc but the food places are all full!! so we decided to have our dinner at secret recipe @ avenue usual,bagilah 8 orang ke 10 orang ke..sure gamat budak2 ssp ni.we sampai2 borakkkkkk riuh rendah satu tempat tu..even the waiter yang amek order tu kena tunggu for almost 20mins before getting all our order ;p sorry ye abg waiter.he here are us..enjoy the pics of the small ssp9701 gathering or should i call makan-makan pics =D

wow!!i've uploaded MOST of the pictures here!! with the new blogger multiuploader..senang sikit kejeku~~ he he.ok.need to shower and go 'makan-makan'.weee~!! have a nice weekends ;) much love xx

p/s: entry kali ni banyak gamba!! ;p i end this entry with the picture of this lil guy.pagi tadi i called kak dee..lawak giler..i wanted to talk to ameer.but he was eating..then,i was saying "mana yin?yin mana?" and his mouth was actually he taleh nak panggil my i pun hung up.suddenly kak dee called me back.and said that,bila i letak je phone..he suddenly started to call : "yin! yin!" comelll sangat..he wanted to call me back!! arghhhhh rindunyee kat si kenit nihh!!

rindu pleaseee..cepat balik!! ;p xxx

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bleeding in love with jamie scott.uhhhh..

hey peeps.its been a while..but not really A WHILE la..he as usual is okay.i think ;p and nothing much to update on mr.X.but jamie scott's version of bleeding love sangatlaaa me-reminiscence..he he's been two weeks now.but i am doing fine..ngeee :D anywaysss...been sleeping late,was because kaem slept at my house the other day.coz we went to a small ssp gathering in avenue k.turned out there we 8 of us who came.just for lepak2 not the BIG BIG gathering pun.saje catching uploaded at facebook to those who have facebook la kan..but to those yang takde..will send to u girls later.tonite am too tired to upload for everyone. pictures..will be uploaded later k. ;)

so updates on the girls outing will be done by this weekend.hehe.coz i'm too tired to upload the pics right now and i really need my sleep.but don't worry.i will definitely update.knowing me la kann..he he.and ouh,to kak sher..if u read this.i am s0oo jealous of you boleh??? hu hu hu.and canaz!! cepat pulang~!! i tak sabar nak lepak ngan u nihhhh ;D yeayyy bertambah ahli lepak2 i di rasta atau di mana jua.sebab weekends i sangat la busaannn jika tidak melepak sampai lebam.he he.nites all!! crashing bed~~ much love xx have a nice weekend ;)

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

worth waiting?

yellooowww~!!! it is finally and pictures and more pictures.u can guess which is which.and yes.orangdalamkepala is also in these pictures.u can guess me ;) enjoy pics!! with love




yang dirai

the johnny's

banyakkk sangat gambarnye.but just letak few.dah dapat teka dah? he he.wanna go watch man U vs liverpool now.have a nice weekend.much love xxx

p/s: all smiley now...ngeeee =D

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be my little baby..

hey ho! i am s0oo happpyyyy today.guess who's back for easter??although for only two short weeks but i am still happy to meet YOU!!! at least i'm not too preoccupied with i woke up and finished up my first part of cj7 after subuh.and went for a jog at 740 and rushed back to pick up nadz and off we go to alhambra ;) and picked up this lil lady~!!

yep!she's back!!he we went to had our breakfast at the village park.(pojoe,your recommended place is now my mom's,dad's,friends' favourite hangout! ;) ) seronokkkk!!! dapat borak2 ngan azz and nadz!!dah lama tak lepak sama2.make fool of ourself and most of all,catching up!! wowww~!! can u believe it?? we are 24!! and we are actually talking about WORK!!! he he.and azz,the lil lady is no longer THAT little okeiii..i like her look now.nampak ok azz!! ;) seriously.. =) so here are the pictures we took.masing2 tak puas hati.kejap erin menjadi,the next time nadz tak menjadi.the next time azz plak menjadi.and the rest..u can figure out ;p so yeah..we took 10 pics at only one spot.haha!

and then i got this cute long nite tee from azz.sangat comel!! i am actually wearing it now.he he

and nadz gave me this sakura slippers too!! haihhh i have such lovely friends!! i'm blessed =)

oh well..harini saya happy.can't wait for next week.i'm hoping for our next outing.dinner @ klcc!! ;) crashing bed now..while listening to nicole atkins over and over and over and over again ;P and oh u should listen to the ronnette - be my little baby.its and old song.but i like!! u should listen to nicole atkins' version of it.which is i am s0o falling in love with right now =) nites! much love xx

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Friday, March 21, 2008

saya hepi =)

halo.harini tido lambat sebab petang tadi dah 'bulldozer' for 1 hour.hujan lebat plak tu.once dah masuk comforter terus dunia dah tak hengat :P lagipun kena baca coding.macam biasa.5 minit intai coding 1 jam surfing!haha.azz dah sampai kut kat umah dia.tapi tak call2 pun.rinduuuunya nak jumpa dia.bagi hilang sikit rindu aku kat 'orangdalamkepala' tu.tapi..harini bangun awal.bodyclock dah set.kena bangun by bukak2 mata terus online.dah terbiasa.macam kat ofis juga.baru nak duduk kat lappie.tiba2 : "hi **7!" erk!terkujat sekejap.terus tersenyum aku :P terus mata yang terkulat2 tadi menjadi BOLAT!!ha ha!terus chat sampai ilang ngantuk.he he.oh well..a simple 'hi' made me smile todei.saya hepi.okei nak tido.still geram ngan bro sebab tak pulang2kan lagi camera gue!grrrr~!!! tapi takpe.harini saya hepi.mimpi gula2! much love xx

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


harini first day masuk ofis rasa janggal sangat.selalu masuk2 sure jengahkan kepala sikit.dah nampak dia.mesti rasa lega.harini bangun lambat.macam ada hikmah plak.tak paya nak pikir harini nak pakai baju ape.kalau tak sure duk pikir.hari isnin kena pakai ape.selasa kena pakai apa.tapi harini rasa pelik..selalunya sampai2..duduk kat workspace,tunggu dia masuk..(dah sah2 saya duduk kat tepi pintu.segala manusia yang masuk sure nampak muka saya dulu :P ) dia selalu masuk lambat.pegi makan kat kedai mamak kat bawah.tapi harini takde. nasib baik harini saya masuk takde orang lain yang nak masuk lalu pintu tu least tak terasa sangat..tapi still..lainnya rasa...

pastu duduk kat meja.terus on pc.tekan 'sign in' kat biasa.selalunya nama dia sure menyala.pastu sure ada je benda nak cerita.harini takde.peliknye..kalau tak, ada je teka teki nak bagi.tapi harini otak pun blank.teka teki dah takde.mood pun takde.semangat pun takde.macam ni ke rasanya 'benda' itu?macam ada satu lubang kosong.yang pasti bukan lubang hidung.hehe.

harini masa lunch takde semangat langsung.selalunya looking forward sangat.sebab time ni je nak borak2 huha2.tapi harini lain.kawan ajak makan.saya jawab "pegilah dulu..".kalau tak,sure dia dah tercongok tepi meja saya, cakap : "makan?" .siap fikir menu nak makan,kat mana nak makan..harini lain...harini waktu makan takde benda nak cerita.kalau tak sure riuh saya bercerita.ada je lawak2 nak kenakan saya.harini dia takde.saya jadi diam.taktau nak cerita ape..lainnyee..hoh!harini rasa tak best.sangat tak best.esok pun camni jugak ke.....?

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Monday, March 17, 2008

.fix me.the way it is.

woke up as usual.late.katil puaka.huhu.rushed to standard charted and i totally forgot that i need to beat the traffic.damn!stucked in the jammed packed traffic at's the third day.i am so not ready to face the days coming.lucky me,was sent to standard charted to support customer issue.texted him.nak bagi hilang tension tengok kereta taknak gerak2.i was a bit pissed.both at the traffic and him.why u hafta go!!grrrr~!!baru nak mengamuk sambil maki kat traffic yang macam siao tu..then he replied.made me smile at least.i even smiled when a car actually overtook my car up the bridge.what de?? punya kereta!tapi takpe.aku hepi.haha.

today i decided to turn over a new leaf.cepat tak aku berubah?bukan cepat.tapi aku kena!tak berubah pun..cuba je baru.harap2 dapat mindsetting and thinking.penat..asyik hold back and pendam sorang2.buat ape kan??geram kat abang dah hilang.rasa lega sikit tau kamera tu ada kat dia.kalau tak memang serious aku hilang punca nak cari kat celah lubang cacing mana lagi ntah.entah bila dia nak pulangkan camera tu.still taknak mengaku dia yang amek!grrrr!@@ aku dah rindu nak tengok gamba2 tu..kalau hilang semua gamba tu..siaplah~!! aku tak maafkan dia sampai bila2!! *hoh!drama nye~!! ;p * harini memang penat.serious dah tak mampu duduk depan pc.hafta wait for 2 hours menatap pc yang "kau tengok aku.aku tengok ko" hoho.serious busan.almost hit my head on the table.tersengguk3 tahan ngantuk.decided to slap myself on the face.tengok2 jam dah pukul 12pm.(patutlaa..dah lapar) nak reenergize balik.nggeeee =D went lunch with sv.hoh! talking about sv.did i mention about having to study codes and explain line by line?!! seriously..freaked me out!! mr. sv suruh baca coding and explain kat dia.memang terkulat2 aku nak explain kat dia.dah dua hari duk stucked kat situ.ingatkan harini kena explain kat dia dah tadi.nasib baik pegi client's least i have another task to do.sanggup support system daripada explain kat dia coding yang panjang lebar macam takde pucuk pangkal tu.

but from codes explaination jugakla buat aku rasa aku nak berubah.kena rajin.takde sape boleh maju kalau tak usaha kan?memang aku sedar..lately memang malas nak mam!! even helping out things kat rumah pun memang tak buat satu hape pun!! mama pun dah bising.i was like "huh?" blur giler.tatau nak start kat mana nak stop kat mana.keje2 umah memang tak abes2.ada je benda nak buat.kemas sana.kemas sini.sepah sana.sepah sini.pastu kemas balik.rumah ni macam hidup sendiri.benda mesti out of place.gerammm!! but that's not the point.the point is..MALAS. :P kalau rajin macam mana pun sure takde masalah kan? :D oh well,that is why i'm kicking my ass up right now.hoping esok boleh explain jugakla kat SV coding se-line dua.penat giler nak faham.kenapa dia loop 2 kali?kenapa tak sekali?kalau ikutkan hati nak aja aku cakap kenapa tak buat infinite loop je pastu tanya aku kenapa sistem ni tak stop2 running.haha!padan muka!sah2 aku jawab sebab ko mengong pandai2 letak looping sapa suruh?!! okei.dah mengarut.nilah keje aku.hari2 mengadap koding.pastu blur.pastu otak ni kan kalau korang bedah kepala.bawak kuar otak.perah semua isi otak ni.penuhhhh dengan ?????? and then dim,sql,string,recordsets,if else,do while loop,ntah ape2 ntah kuar.seriously.i am still clueless of what i'm doing for the past 6 months.haihh..sedar2 dah setengah tahun aku keje.ape aku dapat??

oh well that is why i wish you could fix me.cuba bawak2 bertanya kabar kawan korang sorang nih ;p agak2 nak ajak kuar karaoke tu calling2 la.agak2 nak pegi tony roma's tu bawak2la ajak kawan korang sorang nih.he he.oh well..i hope this is not the way it is.coz i want things to be MY way!aku kisah ape!!boleh ke tak boleh ke...aku nak jugak ;p betul tak?he kenalah usaha kan?!!yosh~!! back ached.nak tido lah.much love peeps.nite! xx

p/s:cepatlah dapat camera.nak bagi sneak preview sket..he he.oh harini hari terakhir aku makan my last piece of AVP.agak2 6 hari seminggu ke makan big apple.mana tak monts x macam jlo??hahahaha.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

argghhhhhhh gerammmnyeeee!!!

enough said.i am could my bro did this to me!!haishhh..i cried like orang gila till my eyes are all swollen.seriously.i am not pissed off to myself neemore.but to my bro!aduihhh..i've thought so that i am not thatttt careless to actually let someone stole the camera.turned out HE took it!!arghhhhh!!gerammmmnyeee i almost killed myself knocking my head while walking like 'mak kucing kehilangan anak'.adehhh..but felt much better.relieved.coz i can post 'his' pictures soon :P i had a rough about you? much love xxx

hey you.good luck at ur new workplace tomorrow.. :)

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i'm gonna miss you

yesterday was his last we went to makan2 and was fun.loads of pictures taken.seriously..sweetest moments!but today..i woke up and took out the camera from my drawer.there was a cukur jambul ceremony today.i think i didn't use it for the ceremony but i seriously can't remember where did i put the camera.i think i lost it!damn.i am seriously pissed myself.end of story.all the pictures of us are gone.period.but i am surely missing you.damn! it's 2nd day since you're gone...

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

old friends:older,wiser and closer

wowww!!what a weekend!!woke up at 730 on saturday..for my usual jog with's election day and i'm not electing? :p maybe.he he.anyways,BN rocked huh?wow i seriously can't believe it either although i'm not a fan of any particular party :D but still i DO know who won or lost.nothing much to comment on this.anyways,went to sunway pyramid after how many yearrrss?? hmm lemme see..6 years?? and guess what was i there for? was fun though.the usual 6 of us hanging out and fooling was hillarious and just what i needed.a break.and still,i'm just not prepared for the whole next week tomorrow.haihhh..

but i had a great time!thank YOU for the pizza ;D and the iceskating was tiringggg..sebab kena jadi guide ;p and guess who came all over from upm to ttdi?? ;D

yep!!it's wan nurul karimah!! was a great fun having her around!!asyik gelakkkkk jee!! we did nothing much last night,just hanged out and watch badminton and a bit of football and elections here and there.and end up me,sleeping early and she,the ever miss future lecturer doing what i dunno ;p and we woke up early today for our SWIM!!! at nad'z was fun and of course..loads and loads of laughing!! penat aku gelak sambil air masuk dalam telinga.hoh! we are soo gonna be the future national swimmer huh,girls?lol.then we went to santai for breakfast and we hafta rush back,hoping to watch movie.but bummer,since i hafta go aishah's wedding..i hafta rush here and there so me and kaem end up jalan2 cari j**** at one utama.he he.i found cute lil creature!! for my car..cuba teka ape?? its white fluffy head with small four green feet!! :D its cj7!!!comelsss sangattt..terus beli and hanged it in my car.then found cool band for mr ehem2.for his farewell gift.then we saw the big apple and suddenly we craved for the yummyyyyy donuts!! me and kaem bought 1 box of 6 pieces each! which guess who end up eating all her 6 pieces donuts ALONE?! ;p ehem2.he he he.the alien vs predator was superbbbbb~!!! i had twooo and i definitely can not share it with anyone else.sangat sedapppp~!!

aren't they just yummmyyyy?? ;p so anyways..after having this yummy donuts i was LATE!! getting ready for aishah's wedding and as usual eya picked me up..and we headed to ecah's with rina awaited.sorry rina.alhamdulillah today,my dearie aishah has become the wife of her ever beloved redzuan =) congrats you two!! so here are the pictures the four of us bila i miss my japan life..anyways,i met all of them in japan and we are all trying to keep in touch with each other..and it's been four years now ;) here are the pictures during ecah's wedding.but sorry tak sempat tangkap gamba ngan hubbynya ;p

bubbly rina and me ;)

with my other twins,sassy piah ;)

one down,three to go ;p

the bride! :)

the ex housemates ;)

ecah ku <3

me.rina and friend.

oh well..i had a great weekends.and now i'm stoked kepenatan ;D need to crash the bed.esok keje.haihh...and counting days till his gone.sigh~ much love peeps.nite2 xx

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Monday, March 03, 2008

congratulations widi & yudi <3

hey ho.masuk2 ofis arini blur kejap.otak jammed for 1/2 hour before the brain starts to tick again.huhu.serious macam blank ape nak buat harini.where did i stopped and all.but as are the pictures from the trip :)

leaving on the jet plane ;p

mari nongkrong!!

sampai2 je kat umah widi..lepak for a bit makan2 then slept for 3 hours~~!!woke up with a HUGE headache.and end up waiting for widi till she finished her exam.and we went to have my first mee ayam bakso!! sedappppp~!! seriously it's not the same as the one u have in malaysia =)

bride to be

mee ayam bakso

and then we just hangout and preparing stuffs for the first ceremony on the next afternoon, upacara siraman.upacara siraman is the ceremony where the bride to be will have to kneel in front of the parents for forgiveness and asking for 'restu' for her to leave the family and starts her new life with her husband.then the parents will then give a speech as for giving the permission for their only daughter to leave the home and starts her new life.then they will bring her to the tempat siraman to somekind like giving her the last bath as their daughter..

tempat siraman

the bride to be : in the making

the sinda : giving speeches in javanese during the ceremony

the parents preparing the air siraman

asking for forgiveness

upacara siraman

and later on that nite,widi hafta change into another clothes where its something like malam memperkenalkan she wore this NICEEE baby blue and pink dress something like kebaya.and during this night the family from the man's side will bring all the hantaran which will later hafta bring during the akad nikah the next day.the hantaran was FOUR pairs of beautifullll kain from all sorts of color.a ferragamo handbag and sandals,bvlgari perfumes and facial wash and skincare,3 cakes!! 2 cheeses and 1 chocolate cake.a telekung ( which is called mukenak in indonesian ) and some cookies and biscuits.

anita and widi.she looked like rossa kan? ;p

anita.widi and me

me and widi

masa ni bakal pengantin lelaki tak boleh jumpa bakal pengantin perempuan.and he can only drink a glass of water during the food or anything else.and the girl could not go out from her room.weird enough?;p it's interesting..

the dad is asking the bride to be,for the last time.asking if she's prepared and ready to start her new life from the day onwards.

the food again :D

the big day

bride to be getting ready for akad.

walking into the room for akad.

akad nikah

mbak ya =) her name is mutiara.gile best nama kan? ;p

mas rama a.k.a reza ramadhan

and then we have the bersanding ceremony.held at the balai sudirman where all the family members will wear maroon clothes including me ;p and the guys will wear the jawa suit.which is damn semattttt~!! u should see mr ehem2 :P and this lil cute boy is widi's youngest brother.even he,hafta wear the jawa suit ;)

rafiiiiiiii lucu bangetttt

the tantes : mak photographer :P and tante noni

the pelamin

with tante noni

the newly wed

they were welcomed with a silat and a dance called sumting2 payung ;p by the dancers and they will then walked along the aisle while all of us standing for the whole ceremony!yep we are all standing~!! even during the makan2 we hafta stand while the rest of the guests will queue up along the aisle to congratulate the newly weds ;)it was just a quick reading the prayers ceremony and like 15mins later the people will go up the stage to meet the bride :)

newly weds and parents

with mbak ya,gina and mutiya

the front entrance : yudi and widi's wedding

anita yang lucu ;) she is seriously cerewet!! (cerewet means talkative in indonesian ;p )

with bubbly anita

with ratna another close friend of widi.

with kia,rama's cewek and the newly weds

my favourite girl,mutiya :)

oh well, i am s0o gonna miss mutiya the most.she is such a dollllll..and veryyy sweeet.she likes to bermanja2 with me ;p well peeps.there's tooo many pictures to put here.but at least these are the few that explains my 4 days vacations in jakarta.later will get the pics from widi's was fun and of course tiring.but still,it's fun =) i had a great time.i've never been to a ceremony where you hafta spend day and nite non stop.i get to see these indonesians being maked-up.seriously..i wanna get a mak andam from there!! and the clothes are s0oooo wedding dress is s0oo gonna buy from here too! ;p (kak yana,ape lagi??sila tempah la kain kat indon!!;p) anyways,i will add more pictures later since i took me 2 hours to choose the pictures yesterday ;D enjoy the pic! much love xx

p/s : sape pandai boleh nampak mr toot ;p

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