Saturday, February 02, 2008

tell me quando quando quando

woww!!what a weekend!!really really tiring.but had a great time.coz i get to see my old crush!!serious like "wahhhh!!how can he be here?!!" i should have taken his picture earlier la.haha.but malu2 plak.and of coz he looked as stunning as very first crush and it was during my form 2 was it.haha.anyways,it was abang carliff's wedding and kak niniey looked s0oo pretttyy in her gold and cream dress.she's s0o bubbly and looked so0 happy on her big day =) congratulations to both of them.and i sure LOVE the doorgifts!! a golden egg chocolate and mini cupcakes from cuppacakes!! i got 4!!hehehe.sebab sedap~!! ;p and i just love the theme song! it's by michael buble and nelly furtado : quando quando quando.romantic gils!;)

the orang kuats :)

the newly weds

happily ever after

me and carleen.i love her makeup!!

my buah hati <3

the door gifts

nite reception

she is superrr nice!! :)


more cuppacakes

actually i dah agak it's cuppacakes coz i recognize the designs.and suddenly when i saw the wondermilk label at the box.i was like "haaa..dah agak dah!!" hehehe.still have 2 more in my tired now.crashing bed.have a nice weekends!! much love xx

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