Thursday, February 14, 2008

sugar so high or sohai??

just got back from work at 1030.i know i know.that is like 'nothing' to some people.but for me!! i was just staying back to get one fugging easy code?!! which i didn't get still,until now.(yep still figuring it out) but anyways,tomorrow is valentine's day and yep another year for me without a date 'yet'.he he.but i know it's not good to celebrate no harm!;) talking about valentines..imagine me tomorrow.having a date with mr personal i wish it's a human!of course my ever reliable personal computer la kannnn..haihh..i can imagine myself in front of the pc till wee hours.*sigh* no..i'm not complaining.i'm just tired sometimes.since tomorrow is valentine's day..i'm expecting chocolates please~!! so my sugar level gets high till i get all happy to complete my work.haha.demanding betul~!! but i EAT chocolate everyday takde effect kut if i get any chocs tomorrow.heh.talking about sugarrrr highhh..guess what i got from my cayunk fizz!!!

uuhhh she made these okayyy..she gave me 6 pieces was it? but i ate it like 2 pieces in like 5mins.sedapppppp~!!! hebat la fizz!! ;D but i did saved one for my mom to tried.i think she even stole another one from the mom said "sedap!" fizzz ;) i dunno why recently i just neeed shuugaaaa~!! guess what i had for dinner tonite..while i was at the office and suddenly my rumbling tummy can't wait headed to aji don and ordered this!

sila sangattt sedap and it cost me rm2 sahaje ;D rasa cam nak order lagi next time.ngeeee ;D shedapppp..time lapar2 tadi abes cepattt je.ouh we had yu sang just now.the chinese 'shabushabu' not drugs aa.the japanese one.hoh!sangat tak sedap..but i managed to eat few kerepek kerapu aa..but the cake part was best!coz it's chocolate cake and hazelnut cake.haishhh so many sugar for me today.sugar high or just sohai?? :p he he.oh well..hafta continue my work now.i'm toooo tired but i hafta get it done by tomorrow morning.boss' expectation is s0o hard to be i wish i'm in japan,but having super duper fun.haishhh..nite peeps.much love xxx


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