Thursday, February 28, 2008

jakarta bergoyang goyeeee~~~

hohoho.sekian lama tak memblogging.and guess where am i rite now? :P yep yep..jakarta babe~!! he he.arrived early this morning and now i am actually having a bad headache.which i dunno why..while waiting for putri to come back from her exam.boleh eh minah ni..nak kawen esok lusa boleh relax je..takde cuak2 punnn..siap pegi exam and class esok.heuheu.and as for me,coming to jakarta alone was like fun jugak.hehe.but the language is haha lawak pleaseee..nak tergelak je everytime cakap ngan derang..hehehe

suddenly missing him la plak kann..siap termimpi masa nap tadi.heuheu.lawak je..but i am sure the next 2 weeks gonna be the tough. :( but whattado..cest la vie.lets just make the full use of the time when he's aroun :) (huhuh being a braveheart here) and no,kak engga bisa bagitau dia deh..kerna dia udah empunya.hahaha.kidding.anyways,jakarta was okei~~ but the roads are really congested compared to malaysia.maybe because i'm in far i have not been to any other places yet.i'm hoping to do some shopping before tomorrow or saturday coz later putri will be busy with her wedding and i don't have anyone to accompany me :P haihhh how i wish nuwen was here.buttt if she's here..nanti whatever happened last night won't be happening eh?hehe.she is s0o in shiawaseness right now :) happy for you babe.. xx

ohwell..okei..i wanna lie down for a while..not feeling well since i woke up late just now.will update about the wedding soon.take care all~!! have a nice weekends.much love xx

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