Sunday, February 10, 2008

go sushi craze?

wowww!!! i might go crazy if i was left alone at home for a month!!i was left for a week pun dah separuh giler and i tend to do weird things!i cooked!! ha ha.after going to work yesterday..i suddenly feel like..hmmm i wonder how my sushi taste like..talking to nuren and i was barely awake at the office with air conditioned and my head went s0oo drowsy and end up sleeping for the first hour arriving at the office.suddenly decided to call her and listened to her playing tonguetied and won't go home without you.terima kasih cik nuren.ko la kawan paling best!! ;) then borak2 suruh dia bagi mata ni tak ngantuk sangat.imagine this : went to office at 10am.did the job halfway.hafta rush back to ttdi to sent lil bro to work.then decided to come back to office again coz being home will make me insecure.rasa macam keje banyakkk je kena buat!demm..then end up..kelam kabut lari naik tangga office.takut ada orang ikut.ntah2 pakcik guard bangla mana berkenan ke kan.haha!*too much movie and too much surat khabar* hehe.but what the heck being cautious.malang tidak berbau right?so rushed into the office.locked the doors and the whole office is to ME!hehe.pasang radio kuat2..then switched on the aircond.suddenly feels like..apehal mata aku tableh bukak plak ni..tenung punya tenung pc..lama2 mata dah tertutup!chet!!ngantuk la plak!! tengah berkobar2 nak buat kerja :P then came nuwen to da rescue.slept for 10mins and she woke me up.and played some songs for me.

tiba2 cam rajin nak buat keje.spent an hour trying to figure it out.but still!error!! dangg~!! seriously..this job is fugging psycho!!but this time i can see the error but just couldnt figure out the solutions.kambing gurun betul!!grr~!! aku tak taula ape dosa aku!!! aaahhhhh~!!tetiba rasa nak makan sushi.mata dah terbayang2.suddenly felt like.hhmmm..macam best kalau buat sushi ni.hoho!siap2kan keje sket walaupun ada error.its already 4pm.decided to ciao.and rushed to shojikiya.bought the japanese rice,nori and tuna.weeeheee~!! semangat ni nak buat sushi~!! ganbare~~!! masa nak bayar kat counter minah jepun plak jadi cashier.end up speaking japanese with her.hehe.rindu giler cakap jepung!;p terasa nerbes plak.hoho!rushed home and terus masak nasi.nak buat sushi.ingat nak beli bamboo mat for gulung sushi.tapi tak terbeli.dope~!so ni bahan2 nak buat sushi ;D

then gaulkan nasi anda yang dah masak tadi satu cawan dengan 3 sudu cuka,gula sikit and garam hujung sudu.layerkan nori,then letak nasi atas nori,lenyek2kan.pastu letakla inti kat atas nasi tadi.tuna ke,amatamago ke.(telur dadar manis) hoho!recipe sendiri.then gulungkannnnnnn ;D hasilnye :

ni pun dah makan nak dekat 10 ketul ;p sedap gak.hehe.yang kaler kuning tu amatamago kut ;p then the brownish a bit is tuna mayo ;) cubala nanti eh.hehe.senang first attempt chef erinchunk.berjaya!yosh~!! although a bit messy.but will buy the bamboo mat next time.sebab nak hasilkan sushi yang lagi yesterday was another stressful day but i tried to lighten it up by making my very own sushi zing!;p and today~!! woke up at 11am.ate lunch and end up NOT DOING any work at all.just wanna loosen up.sent my car to carwash and just lepak at home.and now,crashing bed.coz another ONE FINAL day for my task tomorrow.if not!! i am s0ooo screwed!!haihhh..finger crossed for a good day tomorrow :) good nite~! much love xxx

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