Saturday, February 09, 2008

what makes u happy : feels like paris hilton?ha ha!

goshh!!what did i do?? was kinda slow day yesterday.but i had a light doing my stuffs at my own pace.woke up and started to clean up everything!! like i cleaned up the laundries.cooked breakfast cum lunch cum dinner.haha!my very own mayonese macaroni goreng? he he.sedapp woo!!

i even cleaned up the cat's s*** and fed all my pets ( note : all pets include cats,birds and fish? :p ) and done!by 12 i'm stucked in front of the pc to start my work.but as usual,'this' very addicted to prison break person decided to watch the prison break so laghaaa punya laghaaa managed to finished my work by 5.i hope it'll work.decide to go the office todayyyy..but...woke up with a veryyy bad headache.yep.still worried.and texted mellisa to go breakfast with me.hungry.angry.and loveeelyy daddy called me early in the morning saying a huge NO NO!! to work today.coz the place will be s0oo empty and there will be noone around.which is a bit disturbing to i was a bit pissed off.workloads macam haremm but taleh pegi plak i started to have this cringed across my forehead.met lisa and she was saying i looked like hell!hoh!!welcome to hell bebeh!!;p i told her about work and make her thinks that work can be suck! BIG TIME.(its me!) but depends..he he.sent her home and sent lil bro to work.lucky me...i texted dar earlier in the morning to have breakfast but he missed the text and decided to have lunch together instead.yeayyy!! ;D so guess where did i go for lunch??

weeeeeeeeeeeee..had my very first carls jr.dar's treat!HUGE portion..HUGE SMILEEE.hehe.splashed on my paris hilton.picked him up.head to OU and lucky us to get parking in one shot.he he.terusss pegi carls jr.sampai2 tak tau nak order apa.tengok portion semua BAPAK besar.ternganga tatau nak order decided to choose charbroilled bbq chicken.turned out kecik jugakla.not as HUGE as the one i saw on the charts.decided to share both portions.saje nak try.tengok macam tableh duduk and lepakkkkkkkkk til 6 :D tak sedar pun!! sedar2 uiks?! mana pegi burgers,fries and drinks semua?!! ha ha ha.habessss wooo~!! serious tak caya!! =D and we even refilled the drinks twice!seriously..i had never done THAT in my whole life's either i don't finished my drinks.or my meal.but this time,BOTH pun licin. ;p but thanks dr house!!at least my mind's off from my work.hoho!i really need this.feels like paris hilton (^__^)v seriously today,that cringed is swept off my forehead.ngeeeeeeee =D and even luckier? i am going to office tomorrow!!with lil bro.weeeheee!!i hope it will work.ya Allah i'm seriously needing this.the only time i have :( insyaAllah..and pst..pst!!someone is getting married on the first of march.and i am going seberang laut *wink*wink* so..have a nice weekends peeps.much love xx

p/s: i actually have an update on my outings with keluarga from kotake.later okei.with more pictures ;)

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