Tuesday, February 19, 2008

8 random facts about me! ;p

i've been tagged by sonick and yati~!!

1) i eat chocolate every day!! *yep kak mizz,i kena slow down on this ;D *

2) i have 12 cats ;D and i used to have 20!! ;)

3) i'm afraid of elevators.like everytime it close the doors.i always imagine terkepit!! ;p

4) i listen to tonguetied every night before i go to sleep.

5) oh!i MUST talk to nuren everyday!i might gone mad if i didn't ;D

6) i love to smell food before eating to make sure it taste good.it helps btw

7) i used to weight 40kgs and wore size 26 ;)

8) i'm secretly tall and secretly in love but he doesnt know it..dang!

dats it gals.there u have it.i'm tagging :

kak mizz : dey : ilham : canaz : kak sher : azz! : nadz : kaem!! :

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