Thursday, February 28, 2008

jakarta bergoyang goyeeee~~~

hohoho.sekian lama tak memblogging.and guess where am i rite now? :P yep yep..jakarta babe~!! he he.arrived early this morning and now i am actually having a bad headache.which i dunno why..while waiting for putri to come back from her exam.boleh eh minah ni..nak kawen esok lusa boleh relax je..takde cuak2 punnn..siap pegi exam and class esok.heuheu.and as for me,coming to jakarta alone was like fun jugak.hehe.but the language is haha lawak pleaseee..nak tergelak je everytime cakap ngan derang..hehehe

suddenly missing him la plak kann..siap termimpi masa nap tadi.heuheu.lawak je..but i am sure the next 2 weeks gonna be the tough. :( but whattado..cest la vie.lets just make the full use of the time when he's aroun :) (huhuh being a braveheart here) and no,kak engga bisa bagitau dia deh..kerna dia udah empunya.hahaha.kidding.anyways,jakarta was okei~~ but the roads are really congested compared to malaysia.maybe because i'm in far i have not been to any other places yet.i'm hoping to do some shopping before tomorrow or saturday coz later putri will be busy with her wedding and i don't have anyone to accompany me :P haihhh how i wish nuwen was here.buttt if she's here..nanti whatever happened last night won't be happening eh?hehe.she is s0o in shiawaseness right now :) happy for you babe.. xx

ohwell..okei..i wanna lie down for a while..not feeling well since i woke up late just now.will update about the wedding soon.take care all~!! have a nice weekends.much love xx

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

8 random facts about me! ;p

i've been tagged by sonick and yati~!!

1) i eat chocolate every day!! *yep kak mizz,i kena slow down on this ;D *

2) i have 12 cats ;D and i used to have 20!! ;)

3) i'm afraid of everytime it close the doors.i always imagine terkepit!! ;p

4) i listen to tonguetied every night before i go to sleep.

5) oh!i MUST talk to nuren everyday!i might gone mad if i didn't ;D

6) i love to smell food before eating to make sure it taste helps btw

7) i used to weight 40kgs and wore size 26 ;)

8) i'm secretly tall and secretly in love but he doesnt know it..dang!

dats it gals.there u have it.i'm tagging :

kak mizz : dey : ilham : canaz : kak sher : azz! : nadz : kaem!! :

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

sugar so high or sohai??

just got back from work at 1030.i know i know.that is like 'nothing' to some people.but for me!! i was just staying back to get one fugging easy code?!! which i didn't get still,until now.(yep still figuring it out) but anyways,tomorrow is valentine's day and yep another year for me without a date 'yet'.he he.but i know it's not good to celebrate no harm!;) talking about valentines..imagine me tomorrow.having a date with mr personal i wish it's a human!of course my ever reliable personal computer la kannnn..haihh..i can imagine myself in front of the pc till wee hours.*sigh* no..i'm not complaining.i'm just tired sometimes.since tomorrow is valentine's day..i'm expecting chocolates please~!! so my sugar level gets high till i get all happy to complete my work.haha.demanding betul~!! but i EAT chocolate everyday takde effect kut if i get any chocs tomorrow.heh.talking about sugarrrr highhh..guess what i got from my cayunk fizz!!!

uuhhh she made these okayyy..she gave me 6 pieces was it? but i ate it like 2 pieces in like 5mins.sedapppppp~!!! hebat la fizz!! ;D but i did saved one for my mom to tried.i think she even stole another one from the mom said "sedap!" fizzz ;) i dunno why recently i just neeed shuugaaaa~!! guess what i had for dinner tonite..while i was at the office and suddenly my rumbling tummy can't wait headed to aji don and ordered this!

sila sangattt sedap and it cost me rm2 sahaje ;D rasa cam nak order lagi next time.ngeeee ;D shedapppp..time lapar2 tadi abes cepattt je.ouh we had yu sang just now.the chinese 'shabushabu' not drugs aa.the japanese one.hoh!sangat tak sedap..but i managed to eat few kerepek kerapu aa..but the cake part was best!coz it's chocolate cake and hazelnut cake.haishhh so many sugar for me today.sugar high or just sohai?? :p he he.oh well..hafta continue my work now.i'm toooo tired but i hafta get it done by tomorrow morning.boss' expectation is s0o hard to be i wish i'm in japan,but having super duper fun.haishhh..nite peeps.much love xxx


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

go sushi craze?

wowww!!! i might go crazy if i was left alone at home for a month!!i was left for a week pun dah separuh giler and i tend to do weird things!i cooked!! ha ha.after going to work yesterday..i suddenly feel like..hmmm i wonder how my sushi taste like..talking to nuren and i was barely awake at the office with air conditioned and my head went s0oo drowsy and end up sleeping for the first hour arriving at the office.suddenly decided to call her and listened to her playing tonguetied and won't go home without you.terima kasih cik nuren.ko la kawan paling best!! ;) then borak2 suruh dia bagi mata ni tak ngantuk sangat.imagine this : went to office at 10am.did the job halfway.hafta rush back to ttdi to sent lil bro to work.then decided to come back to office again coz being home will make me insecure.rasa macam keje banyakkk je kena buat!demm..then end up..kelam kabut lari naik tangga office.takut ada orang ikut.ntah2 pakcik guard bangla mana berkenan ke kan.haha!*too much movie and too much surat khabar* hehe.but what the heck being cautious.malang tidak berbau right?so rushed into the office.locked the doors and the whole office is to ME!hehe.pasang radio kuat2..then switched on the aircond.suddenly feels like..apehal mata aku tableh bukak plak ni..tenung punya tenung pc..lama2 mata dah tertutup!chet!!ngantuk la plak!! tengah berkobar2 nak buat kerja :P then came nuwen to da rescue.slept for 10mins and she woke me up.and played some songs for me.

tiba2 cam rajin nak buat keje.spent an hour trying to figure it out.but still!error!! dangg~!! seriously..this job is fugging psycho!!but this time i can see the error but just couldnt figure out the solutions.kambing gurun betul!!grr~!! aku tak taula ape dosa aku!!! aaahhhhh~!!tetiba rasa nak makan sushi.mata dah terbayang2.suddenly felt like.hhmmm..macam best kalau buat sushi ni.hoho!siap2kan keje sket walaupun ada error.its already 4pm.decided to ciao.and rushed to shojikiya.bought the japanese rice,nori and tuna.weeeheee~!! semangat ni nak buat sushi~!! ganbare~~!! masa nak bayar kat counter minah jepun plak jadi cashier.end up speaking japanese with her.hehe.rindu giler cakap jepung!;p terasa nerbes plak.hoho!rushed home and terus masak nasi.nak buat sushi.ingat nak beli bamboo mat for gulung sushi.tapi tak terbeli.dope~!so ni bahan2 nak buat sushi ;D

then gaulkan nasi anda yang dah masak tadi satu cawan dengan 3 sudu cuka,gula sikit and garam hujung sudu.layerkan nori,then letak nasi atas nori,lenyek2kan.pastu letakla inti kat atas nasi tadi.tuna ke,amatamago ke.(telur dadar manis) hoho!recipe sendiri.then gulungkannnnnnn ;D hasilnye :

ni pun dah makan nak dekat 10 ketul ;p sedap gak.hehe.yang kaler kuning tu amatamago kut ;p then the brownish a bit is tuna mayo ;) cubala nanti eh.hehe.senang first attempt chef erinchunk.berjaya!yosh~!! although a bit messy.but will buy the bamboo mat next time.sebab nak hasilkan sushi yang lagi yesterday was another stressful day but i tried to lighten it up by making my very own sushi zing!;p and today~!! woke up at 11am.ate lunch and end up NOT DOING any work at all.just wanna loosen up.sent my car to carwash and just lepak at home.and now,crashing bed.coz another ONE FINAL day for my task tomorrow.if not!! i am s0ooo screwed!!haihhh..finger crossed for a good day tomorrow :) good nite~! much love xxx

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

what makes u happy : feels like paris hilton?ha ha!

goshh!!what did i do?? was kinda slow day yesterday.but i had a light doing my stuffs at my own pace.woke up and started to clean up everything!! like i cleaned up the laundries.cooked breakfast cum lunch cum dinner.haha!my very own mayonese macaroni goreng? he he.sedapp woo!!

i even cleaned up the cat's s*** and fed all my pets ( note : all pets include cats,birds and fish? :p ) and done!by 12 i'm stucked in front of the pc to start my work.but as usual,'this' very addicted to prison break person decided to watch the prison break so laghaaa punya laghaaa managed to finished my work by 5.i hope it'll work.decide to go the office todayyyy..but...woke up with a veryyy bad headache.yep.still worried.and texted mellisa to go breakfast with me.hungry.angry.and loveeelyy daddy called me early in the morning saying a huge NO NO!! to work today.coz the place will be s0oo empty and there will be noone around.which is a bit disturbing to i was a bit pissed off.workloads macam haremm but taleh pegi plak i started to have this cringed across my forehead.met lisa and she was saying i looked like hell!hoh!!welcome to hell bebeh!!;p i told her about work and make her thinks that work can be suck! BIG TIME.(its me!) but depends..he he.sent her home and sent lil bro to work.lucky me...i texted dar earlier in the morning to have breakfast but he missed the text and decided to have lunch together instead.yeayyy!! ;D so guess where did i go for lunch??

weeeeeeeeeeeee..had my very first carls jr.dar's treat!HUGE portion..HUGE SMILEEE.hehe.splashed on my paris hilton.picked him up.head to OU and lucky us to get parking in one shot.he he.terusss pegi carls jr.sampai2 tak tau nak order apa.tengok portion semua BAPAK besar.ternganga tatau nak order decided to choose charbroilled bbq chicken.turned out kecik jugakla.not as HUGE as the one i saw on the charts.decided to share both portions.saje nak try.tengok macam tableh duduk and lepakkkkkkkkk til 6 :D tak sedar pun!! sedar2 uiks?! mana pegi burgers,fries and drinks semua?!! ha ha ha.habessss wooo~!! serious tak caya!! =D and we even refilled the drinks twice!seriously..i had never done THAT in my whole life's either i don't finished my drinks.or my meal.but this time,BOTH pun licin. ;p but thanks dr house!!at least my mind's off from my work.hoho!i really need this.feels like paris hilton (^__^)v seriously today,that cringed is swept off my forehead.ngeeeeeeee =D and even luckier? i am going to office tomorrow!!with lil bro.weeeheee!!i hope it will work.ya Allah i'm seriously needing this.the only time i have :( insyaAllah..and pst..pst!!someone is getting married on the first of march.and i am going seberang laut *wink*wink* so..have a nice weekends peeps.much love xx

p/s: i actually have an update on my outings with keluarga from kotake.later okei.with more pictures ;)

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

bigger,older..bigger responsibilities?

heyy..happy chinese new my kento..although u can be irritating me sometimes.but i surely miss your kekacauan.haha.but move away kento welcome ii nioi.haha.anyways,work can be s0oooooooo tiring lately.i mean reallllyyy tiring.i had never experienced anything like this.seteruk2 balik lambat aroun not as bad as doing the one only freaking thing over and over again but without success.brainstorming pun tak guna.and now i am stucked to where ever the point i this one freaking point.i just stop.and stare.blank! for four freaking days!!! lama kannnn?!! and guess what?i've asked like so many people at the office to help me out.but the solutions are just : dead end! please let it be my hormones coz the 'geram' bursting inside me is just unbearable please!!! mom and dad are back in kelantan and I on the other hands,decided not to tag along since i have this i-can't-stop-thinking-about-my-work syndrome since monday!! makan minum semua terfikir keje.even went out with fiza mind was elsewhere.sorry fizz! :( but still i can gelak with u la babe! thanks for making my mind at ease sekejap.

today everyone can go back early since it's chinese new year's eve so whoever came to work can leave early.but as for me!! i am definitely not going back early.went for lunch with fizz and later on joined my collegues eating lunch at the tempura king and they,headed home for me,my office is my home i wish i am strong enough to stay alone at the office.seriously..i just need moreee time to complete my work.i just couldnt see the solutions!! whyyyyy?? something is just s0oo wrong.end up.i stayed til 3.30pm.hope it's not jammed heading to ttid.i copied all the files i needed and headed home.accelarated till 120 km/h and my mind was seriously not on the road.lucky me there's no car.reach home in 10mins.hit the shower and crashed the bed in tears..damn!i hate that feeling.woke up mata bengkak2.rasa lapar.then ordered dinner @ santai.head to lia's to fetch gonzo.and now i am wide awake hoping that the teh ais could help me to keep me awake and do my work.if i slept in late pun takpe.esok cuti! :p poor lil bro,kena keja esok.but takpe..he got tripple pay siot!! GUESS? plak tu.cis burger betul.hehe.and as for me,i am trying to slowly think it through.seriously..i have to make it by monday!but my aim is saturday so that on sunday i can start my new task.demm!! i have to do new enhancement of the system on my freaking own!! woww now i know..bigger,older..bigger responsibilities huh? oh btw,heard the song Big As The Sky from dey's blog.i loveee this song la dey!! sangat kawaiiiiiii and i love the lyrics s0oo much!! hehe.ok peeps.happy chinese new year! to all peeps who was borned in the MOUSE year..HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D much love xx

Big As The Sky

by A.M. Sixty

Every time I go to bed I dream of you

Every time I eat ice cream it reminds me of you

Every time I sit on a bench to pass the time

All I can do is think of you


Would you hold my head up high?

Would you make my life as big as the sky?

Would you spend the rest of your life with me?

What can I do what can I say

To make you feel the same way..

That I do

Every time I look at the phone

I’m hoping’re home

So I can call you up and tell you I miss you

You make me laugh you make me cry

And if I ask you I couldn’t tell you why

Baby I love you

(Chorus) x2

Would you hold my head up high?

Would you make my life as big as the sky?

Would you spend the rest of your life with me?

What can I do what can I say

To make you feel the same way..

That I do

That I do

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

tell me quando quando quando

woww!!what a weekend!!really really tiring.but had a great time.coz i get to see my old crush!!serious like "wahhhh!!how can he be here?!!" i should have taken his picture earlier la.haha.but malu2 plak.and of coz he looked as stunning as very first crush and it was during my form 2 was it.haha.anyways,it was abang carliff's wedding and kak niniey looked s0oo pretttyy in her gold and cream dress.she's s0o bubbly and looked so0 happy on her big day =) congratulations to both of them.and i sure LOVE the doorgifts!! a golden egg chocolate and mini cupcakes from cuppacakes!! i got 4!!hehehe.sebab sedap~!! ;p and i just love the theme song! it's by michael buble and nelly furtado : quando quando quando.romantic gils!;)

the orang kuats :)

the newly weds

happily ever after

me and carleen.i love her makeup!!

my buah hati <3

the door gifts

nite reception

she is superrr nice!! :)


more cuppacakes

actually i dah agak it's cuppacakes coz i recognize the designs.and suddenly when i saw the wondermilk label at the box.i was like "haaa..dah agak dah!!" hehehe.still have 2 more in my tired now.crashing bed.have a nice weekends!! much love xx

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