Wednesday, January 30, 2008

work,love,wedding bells

wowww!! i could hear wedding bells most people said,it's mating season.haha! had been extremely busy.i can't surf the net or chit chat or whatever i used to do before coz i am now seated next to my BOSS!! so my working hours are fully occupied with = WORK! nama pun keje going back early everyday coz i can't bear the boredom of looking and staring at my work 8hours straight! as well as menahan sejuk from the aircond!(what??) haha.yeah..since my workspace had been moved to 'underneath' the aircond.feels like living in north pole.sharing aircond is definitely a NO NO.imagine this: me=sitting right under the aircond.and the other collegue=2 feet away.and they wanted to put the aircond,FULLBLAST!! and yet,pakai sweater tebal what do u expect?!!haiyoo..people can be so selfish sometimes.i can definitely live without the aircond.but i can't accept the fact that you're hot,but ur wearing a sweater?? wth??

forget about the aircond part,life had been awkwardly weirdly weird.haha.berapa banyak weird tu!!had this 'i-just-can't-get-out-of-the-bed' syndrome lately.and i had tried to sleep as early as 11pm.and still,my bed is like the bestest place on earth that i don't mind if i skipped work and mom's definitely gonna kill,since my probation's about to end.i am trying my best to impress my boss.haha!so memaksa la kaki ni bangun..get off the bed and switch on the light.and terkulat2 depan cermin sikat rambut..oh least i have an effort to go to bangun and go to work okayyy..and i really hope my probation will be over before february's salary's in. ;D ngeeeee another weird thing is..that 'kento' has decided to give it a rest for a while.and i do kinda miss his attention though.but at the same time i kinda feel slightly relief.that i don't have to worry of what to say and what to react whenever he did something to me.i am totally a freak at don't ask me what he did or what 'I' did.coz i seriously can't explain.did you ever get this tak : "lain yang kita nak,lain yang kita dapat" kinda thoughts? haha.blimey.i get this A LOT!! countless!! maybe its just me.i mean sumtimes i'm overly bubbly colby callait kuttt..haha.u just like to hang around people,friends etc and u have it your own way.and make everyone as comfortable as they can.but maybe they just get overly comfortable with you and gets the wrong 'sign'.so try me! i'll totally freak out and freak YOU out and the next thing you know.byebye love..flushing down the drain.haha.*drama nye!* s0oo...

weddingbells are definitely wayyyyy too far for me (i hope!) not to mention that chunkie told me she could actually sense that i'm the kind who's single all the way and sudddenly BOOM!! the next thing you know,i'm getting married! hell no~!! i am soo not imagining things right now!! masak pun tak reti!! ni kan nak kawen?? totally wayyy out of the topic.but i can see that nowadays are slowly getting back to olden days where girls get married at their early age.but how early is early? 18,20,24? if 24 is early..then marrying at 18 must be crazily 'makcik tak sabar nak kawin' early la kann..but actually..its not like depends on how prepared are u? it doesnt matter if your 10yo pun.if you're ready then,why not?tie the knot! the issue is MY weddingbell is definitely out of my own's like very very far.coz for one thing.1) no calon 2) no money 3) no time! 4) NOT READY? that's the thing.i think it's better to take one thing slowly at one time.there's no rush.for me.but to all you out there.if you're ready.silalah...before it's too late or maybe,never. :) love is all aroun ya'll.feel it,breathe it,and live with it ;) take care! much love xxx

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