Sunday, January 20, 2008

shiawase na shumatsu desu xx

i had a great my saturday was a totally non productive day coz my family and i decided to fast during the we fasted (is there such word as fasted?:p) and i was s0o0 tired since i slept in late the nite before watching youtube.very funny.anyways,woke up as early as 530 for sahur and slept again at 7 after watching kunci khazanah reruns with lil bro.the next day woke up at 930 and went to run some errands and slept the whole afternoon til 4.woke up and off went to ampang point just to buy chicken mandi which was not really chicken mandi that we found.instead we take-away some beryani from tarbush which was not that bad, and had a splendid break fasting.and damn full!! burp!! ;)

went out with kento again for a walk at the park.had breakfast @ santai.clean up the room,did laundries and cooked lunch for mom and spent the whole evening watching prison break streaming!! woohoo~!! thanks u!!coz i can now watch the latest season of prison break.finally!! after all these while had been searching my luck to watch the season 3!! ;D it's finally here.lucky me!! spent like 5hours with chunkie sambil streaming sambil borak.hehe.and i even tertido depan pc for 30mins!!haha.penat sangat plus it was s0oo hot today.kinda funny coz nuwen had actually ym-ed to me sumting and i was replying it after 40mins later.gomen ne ;p so anyways,woke up at 4 and washed my car.seronok!! tengok kete dah berkilat2.hope its not gonna rain tonight.hehe.

i just love my weekends.taking my ample up the house and do my chores at my own pace.but demm why does it has to be monday tomorrow where all the shiawase ness is gonna go just out my window.haishh..oh well,hope for another shiawaseness miracle fall from the sky.haha.*i somehow hope it will never gave up on me* sigh~!! have a nice weekend and a lousy monday morning.*now i know why garfield hates mondays.coz i started to feel like garfield now.he he* bonne nuit~!! much love xxx

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