Tuesday, January 01, 2008

she is officially engaged =)

had been busy and lazy of course.but as promised...

remember my fren jido? ;p she was engaged to mr fffoyyy!! (as the way she told me how did foy gets his name ;p) on the 16th of december 2008.alhamdulillah the ceremony went well.and i am happy to tell u the ceremony was a beauty (although i tak sempat tengok.but i know.. ;p) and it was full with friends and family.and the food was superb!!! i ate like 2-3 helpings okaayy..and i love the door gift cookies to bits!! super yummy~!! and the bride to be is s0o pweettyyy =)

to nur syahida abdullah.congrats laling~!! i am happy for you and i bet u are happy too :)

can't wait till june.may Allah bless both of you.aminn.. =)

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