Sunday, January 27, 2008

a bit reluctant but happy in the end

hey!!how was your weekends?! mine was greatttt!! definitely after having my breakfast two days in a row at the village park restaurant with mom,dad and lil bro.thanks to pojoe.for introducing me the place.we fell in love with the place since then! anyways,a good friend of mine got hitched yesterday.was a bit reluctant that i was not invited to the wedding.sobsob

emy just got back from london and she bought me two nice perfumes!!i loveee it!! i knew one of it was the one alang used to use before.and another one was my favourite since uni.but i still love GHOST more coz the smell is s0o me ;)

this is GHOST

nak jadi paris hilton jap boleh?bau je la.badan,imej,suara semua taleh lagi.haha!

so the perfumes part was much better than my reluctant part of story.and even better?? guess who did i meet today?!! guess who's back in town?!! ;D jeng jeng jeng!! it's yasmin AJ!! after 2 years not meeting her for a while.she was back from london for 2 weeks!! *after5 weeks in south africa,according to her ;) * we met up somewhere in kopitiam in the curve..and there were only me,lam,lava,yasmin and aliaa.the usual us.and there were aysha too :) and fiancee!! seriouslyy..i miss this girl a LOT!! she's gonna be a doctor in 4 months!!!! finally,huh?! she's been away for too long!! she was in england since she left malaysia after UPSR!! that was 12 years ago!! can u imagine that!! but she's still the same.smiley and bubbly ;D we are planning to have one last dinner next friday!! can't wait.we are so gonna crash your DUA condo babe ;D so..buat tatapan canaz and ayuni!hehe

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