Friday, January 11, 2008

apa azam tahun baru anda? :)

akemashite omedetou!!happy new year!!eid muharram!xi nia kuai le! woww!!i din realized that jid's entry was actually done on the new year itself.i had been super duper busy.yes,in order to get me permanent.workloads can be so mad!!the maddest was when i did this one on site client support.gosh!! went back to ttdi aroun 11pm!! 9pm from raja chulan,took the monorail to kl sentral which is at the other end of the monorail line.and hopped off to take the lrt back to kelana jaya where i parked my then the cars at the parking lot was like "kosonggg!!" so anyway,it's something i've never done before la.definitely.but i bet some of you,doing this kinda thing is like normal.even going back at 3am in the morning is normal,huh? :)

anyways,manyyyyy things had my christmas party,jid's engagement,aizuddin's wedding,fadho's wedding,KEMEK's wedding,papa's birthday,ashes birthday.woww!! seee..last year was like s0oo many weddings!! feel like i'm getting old here.haha.but out of all the weddings i went..aizuddin's was the best so far! it was a garden wedding in KGPA. i just love the purple theme and the live band played super romantic songs.demm feels like heaven on earth.*period!* but yeah u can see the pictures here.and u, tell me! : zack's wedding and of course jid's engagement was super fun!!! and demm i din managed to see her during her 'sarungkan cincin' part.i surely would have a good pic ;) but hey seen it all at jid's facebook and credits to amal.super good pics! ;) else..last year,i had been through 'weird' periods like falling for the wrong person *as usual* and my fave buddy is finally seeing sweett..i'm sure gonna miss having u single!!!haha.and yeah its also the year where some of my frens just get from double to single.i'm sorry for u girls.but hey..there's always better year?!! haa..talking about this year..what's your new year's resolution?

as for me..hmmm..for one thing is i wanna plan my future,if i can.insyaAllah.i had been delaying this for years!i just couldn't see what my priorities i keep on procrastinating whatever i was planning to at first i wanted to go to japan with what i earn today.i was about to realize it last year coz i have like this 'putting aside money for japan' plan.but along came my new car :( then everything seems to fade away.of course i love my car!!! like shila said : "my first asset!" ;) which made me feel a whole lot better ;D but i hafta put aside some of my money for my car too,right? but oh well,things happen for a reason kan? so that's why i'm planning to plan my future now.better late than never right? :) so i hafta plan it properly so i know what it will lead me one point,i'm turning 24! gosh it's like almost 25~!! (haha ok..thinking too much there ;p ) so meaning i have to come up with some achievements in my life..right? well i'm getting my ducks in a row.remember? :) well for one thing for sure,i hope to get things in,financial and love ;) and funny thing is new year's resolution is to be honest,tak tinggal solat (insyaAllah),baca bismillah everytime makan (hehe.boleh tak?sebab i think kadang2 i lupe nak baca ;D ) and find a boyfriend.hahahah this part memang lawak.but hey,love is like a luck right?u don't have to chase after it ;) so let the loveeee come to me ;p

so what's ur new year's resolution? lets stop dreaming and start to realize it.insyaAllah :) much love xxx

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