Wednesday, January 30, 2008

work,love,wedding bells

wowww!! i could hear wedding bells most people said,it's mating season.haha! had been extremely busy.i can't surf the net or chit chat or whatever i used to do before coz i am now seated next to my BOSS!! so my working hours are fully occupied with = WORK! nama pun keje going back early everyday coz i can't bear the boredom of looking and staring at my work 8hours straight! as well as menahan sejuk from the aircond!(what??) haha.yeah..since my workspace had been moved to 'underneath' the aircond.feels like living in north pole.sharing aircond is definitely a NO NO.imagine this: me=sitting right under the aircond.and the other collegue=2 feet away.and they wanted to put the aircond,FULLBLAST!! and yet,pakai sweater tebal what do u expect?!!haiyoo..people can be so selfish sometimes.i can definitely live without the aircond.but i can't accept the fact that you're hot,but ur wearing a sweater?? wth??

forget about the aircond part,life had been awkwardly weirdly weird.haha.berapa banyak weird tu!!had this 'i-just-can't-get-out-of-the-bed' syndrome lately.and i had tried to sleep as early as 11pm.and still,my bed is like the bestest place on earth that i don't mind if i skipped work and mom's definitely gonna kill,since my probation's about to end.i am trying my best to impress my boss.haha!so memaksa la kaki ni bangun..get off the bed and switch on the light.and terkulat2 depan cermin sikat rambut..oh least i have an effort to go to bangun and go to work okayyy..and i really hope my probation will be over before february's salary's in. ;D ngeeeee another weird thing is..that 'kento' has decided to give it a rest for a while.and i do kinda miss his attention though.but at the same time i kinda feel slightly relief.that i don't have to worry of what to say and what to react whenever he did something to me.i am totally a freak at don't ask me what he did or what 'I' did.coz i seriously can't explain.did you ever get this tak : "lain yang kita nak,lain yang kita dapat" kinda thoughts? haha.blimey.i get this A LOT!! countless!! maybe its just me.i mean sumtimes i'm overly bubbly colby callait kuttt..haha.u just like to hang around people,friends etc and u have it your own way.and make everyone as comfortable as they can.but maybe they just get overly comfortable with you and gets the wrong 'sign'.so try me! i'll totally freak out and freak YOU out and the next thing you know.byebye love..flushing down the drain.haha.*drama nye!* s0oo...

weddingbells are definitely wayyyyy too far for me (i hope!) not to mention that chunkie told me she could actually sense that i'm the kind who's single all the way and sudddenly BOOM!! the next thing you know,i'm getting married! hell no~!! i am soo not imagining things right now!! masak pun tak reti!! ni kan nak kawen?? totally wayyy out of the topic.but i can see that nowadays are slowly getting back to olden days where girls get married at their early age.but how early is early? 18,20,24? if 24 is early..then marrying at 18 must be crazily 'makcik tak sabar nak kawin' early la kann..but actually..its not like depends on how prepared are u? it doesnt matter if your 10yo pun.if you're ready then,why not?tie the knot! the issue is MY weddingbell is definitely out of my own's like very very far.coz for one thing.1) no calon 2) no money 3) no time! 4) NOT READY? that's the thing.i think it's better to take one thing slowly at one time.there's no rush.for me.but to all you out there.if you're ready.silalah...before it's too late or maybe,never. :) love is all aroun ya'll.feel it,breathe it,and live with it ;) take care! much love xxx

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

a bit reluctant but happy in the end

hey!!how was your weekends?! mine was greatttt!! definitely after having my breakfast two days in a row at the village park restaurant with mom,dad and lil bro.thanks to pojoe.for introducing me the place.we fell in love with the place since then! anyways,a good friend of mine got hitched yesterday.was a bit reluctant that i was not invited to the wedding.sobsob

emy just got back from london and she bought me two nice perfumes!!i loveee it!! i knew one of it was the one alang used to use before.and another one was my favourite since uni.but i still love GHOST more coz the smell is s0o me ;)

this is GHOST

nak jadi paris hilton jap boleh?bau je la.badan,imej,suara semua taleh lagi.haha!

so the perfumes part was much better than my reluctant part of story.and even better?? guess who did i meet today?!! guess who's back in town?!! ;D jeng jeng jeng!! it's yasmin AJ!! after 2 years not meeting her for a while.she was back from london for 2 weeks!! *after5 weeks in south africa,according to her ;) * we met up somewhere in kopitiam in the curve..and there were only me,lam,lava,yasmin and aliaa.the usual us.and there were aysha too :) and fiancee!! seriouslyy..i miss this girl a LOT!! she's gonna be a doctor in 4 months!!!! finally,huh?! she's been away for too long!! she was in england since she left malaysia after UPSR!! that was 12 years ago!! can u imagine that!! but she's still the same.smiley and bubbly ;D we are planning to have one last dinner next friday!! can't wait.we are so gonna crash your DUA condo babe ;D so..buat tatapan canaz and ayuni!hehe

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

shiawase na shumatsu desu xx

i had a great my saturday was a totally non productive day coz my family and i decided to fast during the we fasted (is there such word as fasted?:p) and i was s0o0 tired since i slept in late the nite before watching youtube.very funny.anyways,woke up as early as 530 for sahur and slept again at 7 after watching kunci khazanah reruns with lil bro.the next day woke up at 930 and went to run some errands and slept the whole afternoon til 4.woke up and off went to ampang point just to buy chicken mandi which was not really chicken mandi that we found.instead we take-away some beryani from tarbush which was not that bad, and had a splendid break fasting.and damn full!! burp!! ;)

went out with kento again for a walk at the park.had breakfast @ santai.clean up the room,did laundries and cooked lunch for mom and spent the whole evening watching prison break streaming!! woohoo~!! thanks u!!coz i can now watch the latest season of prison break.finally!! after all these while had been searching my luck to watch the season 3!! ;D it's finally here.lucky me!! spent like 5hours with chunkie sambil streaming sambil borak.hehe.and i even tertido depan pc for 30mins!!haha.penat sangat plus it was s0oo hot today.kinda funny coz nuwen had actually ym-ed to me sumting and i was replying it after 40mins later.gomen ne ;p so anyways,woke up at 4 and washed my car.seronok!! tengok kete dah berkilat2.hope its not gonna rain tonight.hehe.

i just love my weekends.taking my ample up the house and do my chores at my own pace.but demm why does it has to be monday tomorrow where all the shiawase ness is gonna go just out my window.haishh..oh well,hope for another shiawaseness miracle fall from the sky.haha.*i somehow hope it will never gave up on me* sigh~!! have a nice weekend and a lousy monday morning.*now i know why garfield hates mondays.coz i started to feel like garfield now.he he* bonne nuit~!! much love xxx

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

meet my new baby? ;D

it's like 11 years 9701 anniversary gift for's love at first sight! enough said.i'm blessed ;D can read japanese!! i LOVEEEE...reminds me of my toshiba back in japan. ;D

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Friday, January 11, 2008

apa azam tahun baru anda? :)

akemashite omedetou!!happy new year!!eid muharram!xi nia kuai le! woww!!i din realized that jid's entry was actually done on the new year itself.i had been super duper busy.yes,in order to get me permanent.workloads can be so mad!!the maddest was when i did this one on site client support.gosh!! went back to ttdi aroun 11pm!! 9pm from raja chulan,took the monorail to kl sentral which is at the other end of the monorail line.and hopped off to take the lrt back to kelana jaya where i parked my then the cars at the parking lot was like "kosonggg!!" so anyway,it's something i've never done before la.definitely.but i bet some of you,doing this kinda thing is like normal.even going back at 3am in the morning is normal,huh? :)

anyways,manyyyyy things had my christmas party,jid's engagement,aizuddin's wedding,fadho's wedding,KEMEK's wedding,papa's birthday,ashes birthday.woww!! seee..last year was like s0oo many weddings!! feel like i'm getting old here.haha.but out of all the weddings i went..aizuddin's was the best so far! it was a garden wedding in KGPA. i just love the purple theme and the live band played super romantic songs.demm feels like heaven on earth.*period!* but yeah u can see the pictures here.and u, tell me! : zack's wedding and of course jid's engagement was super fun!!! and demm i din managed to see her during her 'sarungkan cincin' part.i surely would have a good pic ;) but hey seen it all at jid's facebook and credits to amal.super good pics! ;) else..last year,i had been through 'weird' periods like falling for the wrong person *as usual* and my fave buddy is finally seeing sweett..i'm sure gonna miss having u single!!!haha.and yeah its also the year where some of my frens just get from double to single.i'm sorry for u girls.but hey..there's always better year?!! haa..talking about this year..what's your new year's resolution?

as for me..hmmm..for one thing is i wanna plan my future,if i can.insyaAllah.i had been delaying this for years!i just couldn't see what my priorities i keep on procrastinating whatever i was planning to at first i wanted to go to japan with what i earn today.i was about to realize it last year coz i have like this 'putting aside money for japan' plan.but along came my new car :( then everything seems to fade away.of course i love my car!!! like shila said : "my first asset!" ;) which made me feel a whole lot better ;D but i hafta put aside some of my money for my car too,right? but oh well,things happen for a reason kan? so that's why i'm planning to plan my future now.better late than never right? :) so i hafta plan it properly so i know what it will lead me one point,i'm turning 24! gosh it's like almost 25~!! (haha ok..thinking too much there ;p ) so meaning i have to come up with some achievements in my life..right? well i'm getting my ducks in a row.remember? :) well for one thing for sure,i hope to get things in,financial and love ;) and funny thing is new year's resolution is to be honest,tak tinggal solat (insyaAllah),baca bismillah everytime makan (hehe.boleh tak?sebab i think kadang2 i lupe nak baca ;D ) and find a boyfriend.hahahah this part memang lawak.but hey,love is like a luck right?u don't have to chase after it ;) so let the loveeee come to me ;p

so what's ur new year's resolution? lets stop dreaming and start to realize it.insyaAllah :) much love xxx

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

she is officially engaged =)

had been busy and lazy of course.but as promised...

remember my fren jido? ;p she was engaged to mr fffoyyy!! (as the way she told me how did foy gets his name ;p) on the 16th of december 2008.alhamdulillah the ceremony went well.and i am happy to tell u the ceremony was a beauty (although i tak sempat tengok.but i know.. ;p) and it was full with friends and family.and the food was superb!!! i ate like 2-3 helpings okaayy..and i love the door gift cookies to bits!! super yummy~!! and the bride to be is s0o pweettyyy =)

to nur syahida abdullah.congrats laling~!! i am happy for you and i bet u are happy too :)

can't wait till june.may Allah bless both of you.aminn.. =)

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