Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i'm tired..but it was fun!

hey..lamanye i tak update!!hihi.its been really really tiring weekends!!but i had a great time!! went to eagle ranch in pd for team building.can u believe it?? i played all the games like mad!! even got a HUGEEE bruise at the back of my thigh.kesan daripada penangan paintball yang hebat.hehe!the paintball part was the best!!! rasa macam askar nak pegi perang.haha!seronotttt!! but seriously..to win it,is suicidal!! but guess what? we WON ;) it was awesome.one huge satisfaction!!

then we also had the obstacle range.and THAT caused me another bruises at my knees and fugging ache all over my body,until today!demm ;p look at our ever happy face.seriously muka happy! :D

we spent 3 tiring days there but we surely had a great time.played go cart,beachball,eating flour for sweet-ness sake,played weird games and went yamcha till late nite.but i surely had the greatest time.with 'them'.and i got cute souviners too.hehe.thanks to 'you'.thanks peeps.i had a great time.and yes.the aches still aroun.demm :D enjoy pics!

there's more pictures here : ++ pics! ++ ..tak larat nak upload semua.hihi.gonna crash bed now.nite2.much love xxx

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