Friday, December 28, 2007

i'm still alive??

the net is back.turned out the wire was snapped.hihi.NO WONDERRRRR :P's the updates on 9701 gathering last christmas!! lets start with my fave buddy ;D

fizzo to da izzo :D

then we have my fave GD!! ini memang susahhhh nak jumpa!!but she came!! :)

miss inarah bulat ku :D

then we have...denise!!! all the way from oz.baru sampai from oz terus jumpa kitorang.sooo terharu den!! =) she's s0o kurus now..definitely slimmmmmmerrr

then we have the never been seen at any gath faces..that will be..

nina and ama..

then we have..

waniau..linok..asfahani and ana!! can u believe it?? its been ages~!!

then we have..

madine,shikin and HIKMA!! :) these girls are crazyyy funnn

then we have all the girls who came

without apoo and eija taking the photos for us :D

and we bought mcD and makan ramai2 kat bb court..sangatla mengenang kenangan lama.actually this thing was kinda ad hoc so when these people turned was like..wahhh seronoknyaa..feels like s0oo rinduuuu all of us.but since tak semua datang rasa macam kan best kalau semua boleh turn up :( i missed lela,shila and azz so0o much...but anyways..the fun thing is that people like ika,anis,ama..baru balik from overseas and they looked s0ooo educated la..rasa cam kagumnya jumpa ngan derang nih..cara cakap pun..hushh..hehe..just like ika said : macam EXECUTIVE.hehe.the way they talk pun lain.rasa cam head turner la derang nih.but hikma plak lain cite.memang cunnnnn and ayuuuu abes..totally changed la her appearance semua..but..her laugh is still the made us went like "lorhhh..definitely the old hikma..gelak sure tak hengat punya!!" hehehe

sesi tukar2 number phone.hehe.inarah ni selalu tukar2 number ;p

this is updating each other's contact number and email bla bla bla.rajin si waniau menulih :P

and this is us..minus qoyye and nerk yang lambat datang.hehe

cuba teka mana kete nadz?? :p

nadz and linok

the girls.u know them kannn?? :P (dah malas nak named.hehe)

my bedmate,my WA,my denise =)

madine and kaem ;) it??;p

we love the tiang so0 much,huh?:P

i just loveee this photo!! it's hillarious!! ;p

ini inarah si tinggi dan erin si rendah.hehehehe

going back

and this is US..i love this pic!i am soo gonna miss them.. i've updated abt the gathering.which is with loads and loads of pics.the rest still in rajin2 la tengok ye :D and yes.we are s0o gonna meet up again.wait till everyone's stop.2009 anyone? :) so hope that next time we could all meet up again.finger crossed.till then.much love xx

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