Thursday, December 27, 2007

i had been hibernating??

hey hey..ya Allah lama betul tak update.had been super duper bzzzz..client's site like everyday!! and i guess i haven't updated on jid's engagement and my teambuilding too!! and todayyy..i decided to update on our gathering!!! 9701~!!

it was super duper and i shall say uberfun!!!! rasa cam sudden heart attack sekejap bila tengok 'unfamiliar' faces datang to the gathering.rasa cam nak melompat and menjerit roboh satu mcD was seriously fun!! rugi sape tak datang.hehe.tapi i accept la orang yang takde kat mesia.i definitely miss u guys over there!! cepatla balik!! :'( anyways...we decided to meet up at mcD.the 'outing' spot.then we wanted to eat the nasi ayam berlada.the traditional ssp's makan ruji.hehe.but when we arrived (me and nadz) the girls had went upstairs and checked on the nasi.but the shop was we decided to eat mcD instead.(mcD pun boleh laaa :P) so we waited till all arrived and took the mcD to our school!!! so there were me,nadz,denise,apoo,kaem,fiza,jid,aisyah sam,shikin rahman,inarah!!,farhana,ama,linok,waniauw,nina,asfahani,ika,anis,hikma,eija,eton and madine.but later on..dah nak balik dah masa qoyye and nerk pun muncul.hehe.but still~!! they came!! seronok!!! :)

so this is us!! yep the whole gang yang datang.but most of them tak datang prolly working..tak dapat message or malas nak datang?? hihi.but i understand..few dah kahwin so..acceptable.BUT we kena cukupkan the gang by 2009!! coz everyone should be back by then.oh,we also have a video me,of coz.but its a bit terbalik.i wonder how to make it s0onnn i will upload u all can enjoy later :D as for now.enjoy the pics kat those yang ada..but the rest..later i will upload at my server okei :D take care all!! much love xxx

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