Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the day she turned into a wife

woww!! what a lousy me.nak update blog pun dah malas.had been busy with called bf.and too many things going on.had been going to client site like 4 days a week.then came back late.too tired to get online or even take a shower.but anyways..had the greatest weekend last saturday.and's kemek's wedding!! can u believe it?? kemek is officially someone's wife~~!! (aweeee...)

me and nadz departed from our house at 10am and headed to bukit jalil to fetch eija.and the journey to muar usual 4hrs of journey had become 2 and half hours can u believe it? but definitely enough for me,eija and nadz to catch up on each other and me..trying not to shut my eyes into the conversation.the journey was alhamdulillah fine.altho a slight lost sebab landmark can be really deceiving.thanks to the 6eyes managed to arrive at kemek's at 1pm.all the girls came were already there since the akad nikah.lucky i wasnt there..kalau tak surely i pun meraung kutt..

so as soon as we usual la..menjerit ala2 ssp.salam sana.salam sini.and yes.definitely gamat.there were only 10 of us.imagine 84ppl?!! hoh!! but definitely seronotttt..there were idapunk!!,mala,malino,jiji,kaem,qoyye,me,eija,nadz and puan norsham! how coo is that?puan norsham pun susah2 datang!!! and we all like s0o anak dara gossiping and it was really2 ssp day.i definitely miss them.with lawak and everything.taking pictures lagi la.sampai penat!! and even puan norsham said that : tengok kamu pun saya penat :P haha.very funny okaaayyy! so u can guess la how many pictures we took!! from my camera je dah 130 okayyyy! banyak tak? belum tambah jiji punya lagi.most of the pictures i've uploaded at my facebook.the rest takde masa lagi nak upload.hiks.but overall we had fun! :)

and even ppl pun tengok my pictures went wondering..mananye gamba kemek?? hehehe.ada..surely got one! :P kemek looked s0oo one of those puteri jawa.but she looked stunning and the hubby so0 cute.and masa nak get the hubby to kemek..even got toll okayy.i wanted to sit in front as one of the toll but later who's gonna take my picture? :D kesian si hubby.haha.then later nadz and malino went merenjis was really funny..hehe.and even puan norsham merenjis too.the rest of us just took pictures and watch the beauty cuteeeee...rasa cam nak menangis pun ada.

terharu okayy..later,it was 3pm and by then we decided to head home..since i hafta reach home before my theta movie nite, i end up sleeping throughout our journey back to kl.although tertido..i can still hear the conversations between eija + nadz.aahhh..the love hate stories of relationship?;p i wanted too join.tapi dah penat halfway i was asleep.then we sent eija back to her house in kajang.and God knows how much i laughed with nadz at the funny junction near eija's house.HAHAHAHHA.and we even got lost.a bit.tu la..gelak banyak2 sangat.sampai termissed junction.nadz,remember this : bongek! heuheuheu.

overall..the weekend was FUNNNNNN and it's definitely worth it to go to kemek's wedding.i really miss her more hanging out anak akmal khalid a.k.a KEMEK!! SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU!!

congratulations babe.gonna miss u ;* much love xx

p/s: pics banyak lagi.tak sempat nak baru sneak preview.hehe.enjoy!

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