Sunday, November 25, 2007

the unplanned shopping : series of fortunate event.haha!

woke up earlyyyy usual my weekly jog at the park.did few rounds of jogs which was dayme tiringgg.but it was great!feel like ringannn je badan.winks!but end up a bit sakit2 pinggang because i forgot to do some streching.but not THAT bad went to jasima for teh tarik and goodness roti telur.haha.there goes all my tiring jogging down the head home.and i just felt s0oooo's out.ash's planned for an outing with emi.doh!and me?!! he was supposed to accompany me to my shopppiinggg :( i texted reply.texted nadz.replied! ready and off we went to ikano!!

went for random shopping.main aim for nadz : pressie for mom. me : pressie for nadz and ham.and guess what?? we both end up changing our main aim : pressie for both of us!LOL.girls can be s0o distracted with their main aims when it comes to shopping.can't help's in the me bought this uber cute+cool clothes.and nadz bought this super cuteness shirt for work cum berjalan2.hehe.and we went for lunch at uncle kim's.which was least for today..hehe.and off we went for another window shopping.and ME,end up buying more clothes.but it's for my lil bro and ham :D peace! but still,one aim down.and many more to go!! so suddenly we feel like going to squareroom @ plaza off we fled to sri hartamas.

found a f.o.c parking space and headed straight to squareroom and my ever been eyed for almost 2months shoe is no longer there!!sob2.i guess we were not meant to be.haha!but as love blooms again.wth?haha.i'm talking abt shuz frenzzzyyy!! nadz was looking for an outfit for her outings.i'm not sure if it's for tonight ;D and she end up buying this cute pink shirt cum blouse!!! s0ooo different but cute!hehe.berjaya memujuk her.and then me,i was eyeing this cute peeptoe,again! but there's a slight uncomfiness when i put it on.despite the superrrr cuteness.i just hafta think twice.maybe they have a cuter designs next week?? so i decided to watch nadz shuz frenzzyy instead.she bought 2 freaking cute is black and another one is super hawt sexxay white peeptoe!dayme!i'm so jealous right now!!but it's ok.i can go to plaza damas everyday ;p but we are both stoked!! it was definitely unplanned but really fortunate for us to find the right thing!! but our aim : mission unaccomplished :P but if our mission was : buy pressies for ourselves (loads of 'em) --> MISSION ACCOMPLISHED : dengan jayanya!haha.wish i could upload the picture we took.hehe.u can see loads of papaerbags!! ;D

and guess what?? we are going for another shopping tomorrow! although separately..but still!! SHOPPINGGGGGG!!! ;D have a nice weekends peeps! xxx

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