Tuesday, November 06, 2007


haha.macam tajuk lagu britney plak ;p how's work+life peeps?it's first half of my second month working and yes,already given 2 freaking tasks and i'm telling you these stuffs are tough!! feels like stupid all over again.but hey,i gotta be stronger.this is what a programmer do.everytime my boss gave me a task and i couldn't finish it by 6pm..i started to freak out.like mind racing,heart throbbing and i feel like suffocating.what's with me? no wonder elvin told me,"don't panic".haha!maybe i did look a bit cuaks.but hey! this is just the beginning and i'm already one foot in.but my ever reliable story book always help me ;) kalau i rasa stress2..bukak buku ni..ahhh..sent me back to japan.feels like i'm the author.haha.besides being stronger at work a.k.a debugging cum designing.i am stronger to go against my wills when the urge to reach for chipsmore and yummy2 hersheys in my drawers.lol.it's just irresistable.time2 stress.the only thing i need is CHOCOLATES.yum2~!! but wow~!! i made it thru for the day.mom told me i'm getting chubbier.so better 'tahan'!! and my booty become licious!haha.ye kee??tak perasan poon!!!lalalalala~~ i bet it was mom's 'ilusi optik' :P

i had this weird gastric lately.woke up at 230am and then woke up again at 5am.then i end up fasting coz i can't contain the pain!!if i eat,it will 'come out'.if i DON'T eat,it also 'come out' .but guesss what?? mom told me it was a crazy idea to fast.so i end up eating bread,on my half day of fasting and the rumbly tummy went dead.sheessh!! wasted my fasting je! >:P today i decided not to fast. ;D now,eaten my tuna sandoichi and yummy milo.all kicked up for work!buzzzzz~!! mom said i'm too lavish on food.but ma!!i only spent rm5 maximum per day!! isn't that like supercheap?? talking about all kicked up for work..but what the hell am i doing now?? hmmm.. ;p back to work .. ;)

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