Sunday, November 11, 2007

saturday morning rain is falling

went to fiza's house yesterday.had some makan2 some more!!i promised her anyways.she came for lunch with me last friday so i am sort of i went to her house with nadz.and it was jammed in KL!!damn those rally thingy~!! we were stucked in the traffic for almost 30mins.then later on in the evening went to my aunt's house in bangi.aroun 4.30pm.STILL jammed!!and we were stucked near east in for 30mins!! haiyooo..and guess what?!! there was even heavier traffic at the serdang toll!!cars were stalled.buses,trucks and segala jenis kenderaan la.even there's people coming out from their cars,siap isap rokok and even ada yang tangkap gamba of the heavy traffic,climbed up the divider.giler okaayyy!!lucky us.we went the opposite,otw back we decided to take the puchong route.hassle free! ;) but later on at 10pm went to riza's wedding!it was huge!!!and she was damn prettty!! and i met all my old primary skoolmates.seronot!!and i met khadijah and her ever edorable daughter aishah.so0 grumpy!! but cute~! :D

the whole day was s0oo tiring.end up sleeping at 2am ;p ..woke up at 930am today and got up and get ready for open house@ santai.there were s0o many foooddd!!yum2.i ate nasi lemak,spageti,choc cake,sateS,muffins,truffles,3cups of teh!!banyak kan??then after the open house helped my bro to babysit my bumble bee and then headed home.had a greaaattt time at homework was also done!tuned to robin thicke,bic runga,kings of convenience,hujan,feist and franz ferdinand.aahh just what i needed.cleaned up the closet and the whole room too.did some a book and just lay down on the bed to good music.managed to get the coding done to present to my senior tomorrow.i had a great about u? :)

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