Sunday, November 18, 2007

my new addictions..

i didnt go to sushi nor any movies today.nadz came for laksa johor yesterday.we just hang out at my house watching sports was fun.laughing at them and of coz nadz laughing at my weird word-stumbled habit i woke up at 10 and off to banting to see my new babyborn cousin.lost our way for almost an hour and dad's sulking wishing he didn't go at the first place.had the best nasi kerabu for dinner and now listening to bic runga and alexz johnson.changed my background and off to my new bad is my addictions? really bad that even i have to do it at work!;p and even worse i could see myself arranging the tiles and counting the marks in my dreams!!how crazy is that?you tell me ;p

yep my new addictions is to the ever famous scrabulous.which is now called 'scrab' as according to my scrab partner,lia.we definitely killing our time at work so that our ever boring+hectic workload won't kill us dead in boredom.but it was fun seriously.i don't mind playing it all day long.the marks are s0o unpredictably high at times.there's one time when a guy beated me with 62points in one of his words! superb!!but since i had been getting this unpredictable workloads.i have to make sure that my addiction will not disturb my concentration at work.(yeahhh right erin) ;p i will definitely say my thanks to dzu.(if u're reading this.coz ur the first person who makes me wanna play scrabulous.haha!) and believe it or not.i now have a new scrab addicted friend,canaz!hehehe.congrats congrats and thanks for having ur ample time to play scrab with me.(crazy!! i know ) and my second addiction is the fluff race.yes you can laugh but true true!gambling is not good for your health and your time at work too!you will be overly excited when u won a high bet and u will be extremely sad or distracted if you lost all of your munny.but it's fun to see how u get to bet on cute lil fluffs! :) demm those FB apps inventor!blame them,done blame on me!;p

tomorrow is finally THE day! elvin's gonna teach me on the whole real system tomorrow.and i am definitely nervous and hoping that i will not even log into the FB!!if not.i'm dead!! my addictions could expelled me! :P wish me luck.have a nice weekends peeps and too bad tomorrow is MONDAY!!!boo hoo!! ;P

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